Product Creation Tips – What to Do When You Get Stuck Writing Your E-Book

By Maritza Parra

Many people get stuck trying to write their first Ebook. Many people simply give up on writing something that could become multiple streams of automated income for them. Writing my first Ebook several years ago was actually a very simple process. I developed and perfected this process and now I can write a valuable and content-filled Wbook in a weekend.

An example of what not to do when writing your first Ebook:

“I’ve been writing my Ebook for the last year.”

Usually these people are doing several things wrong.

1. They have no roadmap and just plop themselves in front of their computer screen and stare and the blinking cursor which seems to be screaming C’mon, c’mon gimme something good already…!

2. This person is suffering from a very common disease called Perfectionism Gravatis. I know because I actually first discovered this same disease in myself. To be successful in anything, you must let go of perfectionism because there is no perfect and you must become a recovering perfectionist.

Let me share with you a few tips that make creating your Ebook simple, fun and uncomplicated.

1. Begin with your story. Why and how did you become involved in what you are teaching and sharing? This allows you to build credibility and connect to those people and potential customers who will resonate with you.

2. Create a context for your content. It’s important to be sure you define the basics of your information so people don’t get lost from the beginning. By making it easy for your customer to understand all your information, you are making it easier for them to actually apply it.

3. Create a Why outline of your information. This is 5 – 10 steps, tips or facts about the knowledge, information or process you are teaching. This is the why and what of your information and this part is the framework upon which you will hang the majority of your How information.

4. Now begin filling in the How To information which is your step-by-step process, you particular recipe for what you are teaching.

5. Put it all together. Now take all the information, grab a tape recorder or use a free online recording service and speak your information as if you were teaching it to a real, live person who really needs your information. Have it transcribed, so a few edits and there is your e-book.

Remember, your Ebook is only the beginning. Once you have that, you can turn the same information into all kinds of other, more valuable products you can sell around the world from the comfort of your own home.

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Earning Higher Profits with Your eBook

Selling eBooks online to make money is a solid business model–you can find eBooks on just about every single topic imaginable. People are in love with eBooks for hundreds of different reasons but one of the bigger reasons is that eBooks are easy to get access to, particularly since so many of the eBook readers feature Internet access now. Keep reading to learn some of the ways you can use your eBook to earn you a lot more money.

Sell Affordable Reports: A quick and easy way to boost your credibility and that of your eBook is to sell super cheap reports that are related to your subject matter. But how does this help you raise the number of your eBook’s sales? It’s not that hard: each and every report you write and sell helps to promote the eBook and build your buyer list. How successful you are with this strategy depends, however, on how focused your reports are and how well they target the same market you’re targeting with your eBook.

For example, if you have created and decided to sell an eBook about the “Body Building” topic, you need to create and then market micro reports about small topics covered within the pages of the book itself like “build giant biceps” and “how to get a strong torso.” This particular strategy does require you to put in all sorts of effort but, in the long run, you will see that the conversion rate and traffic flow to your website are sky high and that will make the work worth it. eBooks Make Great Audio Courses: Lots of people prefer audio courses to eBooks because it is easier to absorb information through listening than reading. You can create an audio course by simply recording your voice while you read out the eBook text. Just try to make it exciting by adding your own personality to it, and also elaborate on points where you feel it’s needed. Another advantage of recording an audio course is that you’ll be able to sell it a much higher price due to the higher perceived value. People don’t mind paying more money for audio courses because they find that it is easier to understand things by listening than by reading. More importantly, audio courses are fun–both for you to make and for people to listen to.

Join Other eBooks to Yours: The Internet is full of eBooks that come with exclusive rights for reprinting that will allow you to reprint that eBook and sell it for a profit or give it away for free. Reprint rights also allow you to combine that work with work of your own to allow you to create an entirely new and stronger book. Your asking price won’t seem unreasonable at all when potential buyers see just how much extra value they are getting. You should always over deliver because it always works in your favor by showing your potential customers that they’re getting quite a lot out of their investments. However, do make sure that you buy reprint rights to only those eBooks that offer quality information and are relevant to your target niche.

To sum up, by now you can see just how easy it is to raise your eBook sales profits.

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Top 3 Reasons to Write Your First Money Making Ebook Now

By Maritza Parra

Everyone has an expertise of some kind, even if you do not feel that is true at this time. You have knowledge and information that could be helping a certain segment of the population. It’s time to share your gifts, talent and knowledge with the world and create the kind of future you desire. Here are three reasons you should write your money-making Ebook now.

1) You hate your current job.

If you’re unhappy with your present employment, isn’t it a good idea to begin planning your method of escape right now? No better time than the present. An eBook can be the foundation of a stream of income made from the comfort of your own home. No time clock necessary.

2) You might be getting a divorce.

First, I am so sorry to hear that. Second, I know exactly how you must be feeling. This is what happened to me years ago and what got me started on my path to become the Product Creation Queen. I now see what I thought of as my greatest failure was truly a great blessing. I began having panic attacks and doubting everything around me at the time. I began studying meditation and spirituality and I befriended myself again.

Soon I began teaching how I recovered from this devastating event in my life and my first information product business was born. By leveraging the power of the internet, I was even called by Oprah and interviewed on her XM radio show “The Soul Series”

Sharing how I turned my greatest failure into my most shining success has helped me bring hope to many people and let them know that there is life afterwards, and it can be greater than you ever imagined. By putting all my knowledge, my advice and inspiration into Ebooks I also have different streams of automated income so you never have to depend on anyone but yourself for financial security.

3) You got fired.

If you received a pink slip at work, writing an eBook should be something you seriously consider. It’s one of the most inexpensive products to create. If you do it right, you could have your valuable, information-filled eBook completed in one weekend. My first eBook was the beginning of what I now call my “PJs Empire” because I turned that one eBook into audios, videos, a membership site, DVDs and more. I’ve set up these products so they just sit on the internet working for me, day and night.

If you are experiencing any of the above, I urge you to write your first eBook right now. Everyone has an expertise of some kind, even if you do not feel that is true at this time. You have knowledge and information that could be helping a certain segment of the population. It’s time to share your gifts, talent and knowledge with the world and create the kind of future you desire.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

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Putting The Right Kind of Smart Effort To Achieve Higher Ebook Sales

Selling your ebook on the Internet can make you money, big time. There are tons of people over the years who have made amounts of money all over the scale. There is no question that an all-out effort will be needed by you if that is your goal. The entire world is powered by information, and that is one thing you will always find people willing to buy. All businesses should be taken seriously, and avoiding the hobby mentality is something you need to do.

You have a lot to learn if you are a beginner, but that is all right since you can do it.

When it comes to selling eBooks, you can’t overlook the importance of how your ebook looks to people. Having the right e-cover can help you sell more eBooks, even if this doesn’t seem like a major factor to you. It’s natural, when considering any product, to consider it as an actual object that can be touched, even if it’s an ebook. And since this isn’t really possible with an ebook, you should consider have an e-cover that gives a more tangible feel to it. It’s definitely worth an extra few dollars to get an appealing and high quality e-cover made to go with your ebook. Of course, the e-cover can’t replace the actual content of the ebook, so both are essential.

Another very important aspect is finding the optimum price for your ebook which is something many people get wrong. There is definitely a psychological aspect if you under-price your products. The danger of going too far over the median price is that people may not be able to afford the ebook. There is a combination of the market income plus the value of the information contained in your ebook. Do some competitive research and see what the rest of your industry is doing.

Part of getting to any level of success with ebook selling is having the ability to be patient and give marketing methods a chance to work. There are so many things that can go wrong in the beginning, things that you would prevent from happening in the first place once you have experience. Sure, you will experience all the things everybody else does, but you must learn how to deal with it in a positive way. Change your behavior habits when it comes to getting work done and giving up worthless things like sitting in front of the TV. The techniques we’ve covered in this article can help you sell any type of ebook. It’s possible to make a great deal of money with an ebook if it’s marketed the right way. If you want to sell eBooks, however, you have to be ready to work at it. You can’t expect instant results, and you have to keep pushing forward with your plan. When you start getting some publicity, then your ebook has a chance to go viral so you don’t have to work as hard at selling it. Are you willing to do what it takes to create the next ebook sensation? Start writing then!

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