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When I wanted to start making money with Twitter, I purchased several methods being taught online, to help me get started. All of them fell short of producing real results. If that wasn’t bad enough, they wanted me to buy additional services that didn’t make their course any more effective. HELLO!?
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Product Creation Advice – My Top 3 Ways to Effectively Use Twitter For Your Online Business

By Maritza Parra

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that had been growing at lightning speed with about 5.5 million users at the time of this article. I had no idea what to do once I signed up for my free twitter account. Now I’ve learned what to do and I’m filling up my Teleseminars and my how-to-make-information-products classes with people who came directly from twitter.

Twitter Tip 1: Follow More than just your friends and family.

At first, I was only following one person and couldn’t figure out why in the world anyone would care about random messages about what I was doing and I was sick of hearing all about what he was doing 24/7. I almost (gasp) stopped using twitter altogether because I did not understand it.

Now I follow everyone except those people who look like they might be spammers. By having a lot of followers, every time you send out a message or an invitation to a teleseminar or a new product, those people who are interested in your subject will sign up. More sign ups to your teleseminars means you are building your list community and more customers who can sign up for your products and classes.

Twitter Tip 2: Go to Your Twitter People (Tweeple) when You Need a Boost.

Sometimes you might have a bad day. It’s hard to create products or do much else effectively when you are feeling negative. We all have days like this. I’ve noticed that most people on twitter are extremely positive and caring. If I ever feel discouraged, all I have to do is go to twitter and read some of the posts or interact with my tweeple and I can continue my day with an infusion of inspiration.

Twitter Tip 3: Survey Your Tweeple to See What Kind of Products They Would Buy.

One day I wanted to do a little market research and I decided I would send a survey to my regular list community and the same survey to my twitter followers. I was amazed at the higher responsiveness from my twitter followers compared to my regular list community.

I believe it’s because on twitter people are actively engaged and everyone is flooded with email and many times email is simply ignored. I know I don’t read most of my email or I would never get anything done. I got a huge response from my twitter and they helped me decided which product to create next. I filled up that class with a lot of people from twitter!

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Twitter Surveys – How to Find Out Exactly What Your Followers Want Before You Create Your Products

By Maritza Parra

Did you know that Twitter is a great resource for doing Market Research? When used strategically, you can use Twitter to survey your followers and find out what they most want to learn.

What most marketers do

Most marketers make a huge mistake when they begin to create a product or service. They (sometime arrogantly, always foolishly) believe they know what their market wants. They then proceed to spend days, weeks, months and even years creating a product only to discover that they are the only ones that wanted it.

Then they get discouraged and frustrated and quit, saying that Internet Marketing does not work. When in fact it is most marketers that do not work intelligently and strategically.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

What I want you to do

The smart marketer asks the market what it wants before creating product or resource. In this way, when the product or service is ready to launch, there are hungry people waiting for it because they had a part in the creation.

Enter Twitter Surveys

This is something I created to find out exactly what my followers want to know, before I create a product or service for them.

One of the greatest things about a Twitter Survey is that because Twitter is so immediate, you get an immediate response from your followers.

And your followers feel honored to be asked, which makes them much more likely to invest in the product when you offer it.

Step 1 – Your Tweet – Here’s what your tweet might look like (remember, you only have 140 characters): What’s your biggest question about (a topic in your niche)?

For example, I recently asked my followers what product they needed the most help with in creating. I thought for sure it would have something to do with video. I was surprised to discover what they most wanted to know about were ebooks.

Step 2 – Your Link – Then include in your tweet a link to your actual survey. Sounds like an obvious thing to do, but I have seen people leave this part out.

Step 3 – Your Survey – Use SurveyMonkey to create a survey for your followers. Create no more than 3 – 7 questions, including both opened ended questions (more than a few words to answer) and closed ended questions (yes/no, a, b. or c).

Step 4 – Your Answers – Compile your answers. Create the product or service they are asking for. Deliver it and profit.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to my “Easy Product Creation Secrets” Video when you visit From Maritza Parra – The Product Creation Queen and Easy Online Marketing Training

Great Tools To Help You Use Boost Your Twitter Traffic

Hi now we all know that using social media is an absolute must in your overall marketing mix and certainly twitter is a vital component of that. However using social media is all well & good but to get the right level of return from your marketing can be tricky so in this article I’ll cover my top 5 Twitter apps.

There are so many Twitter apps out there you can go insane looking at all of them. Of course, what you need depends on what you do with Twitter. Instead of producing a huge, exhaustive list of every application out there, I’ve picked a few of the most-used Twitter applications to introduce to you, along with what they can help you do.

Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is considered the gold standard of Twitter applications. The coolest thing about Tweet Adder is that it’s designed for managing multiple accounts. If you’ve got a couple of different niche sites going all with different lists of followers, this makes it really easy to manage everything. It’s simple and easy to use, and it’s a desktop app for both Mac and Windows.

You can also use it for more refined searches, auto follow and unfollow, stats and tracking, automated posting schedules, and just about anything else. Just like the site says, this program is used by lots of big names like Bill Gates, CNN and more.


TwitterFeed is another great app for marketers. Its main feature is that it automatically tweets your blog posts and updates through an RSS feed to all of your followers. Once you post it, the tweet goes out to everybody and you don’t have to repost it on Twitter.

It has a whole bunch of other features as well that help you with scheduling, updates, following, unfollowing, etc. Another awesome thing about TwitterFeed is that it’s free!


TweetBig has all kinds of different features, but the main thing that’s cool about it is that it gets you targeted followers. You can get over a hundred new followers each day.

One of its most popular features is Follower Time Bomb. This allows you to put a time limit on your follows. When you follow someone, if they don’t follow you back in a certain amount of time, it automatically unfollows them.

It also has features for scheduling, managing and looking at stats. A personal fave of mine is the Red Carpet Finder. It finds the people among your followers who have the biggest following themselves.


Hootsuite isn’t strictly for Twitter; you can use it for all of your social media platforms. It uses RSS feeds so that you can update everything at once and you can use it to schedule tweets and posts, manage bookmarks, and look at stats.

What I like about Hootsuite is that it’s cheap and easy to use. It offers a good package for really cheap, especially when you consider that you can use it for Twitter and everything else all at once.


Twollo’s another tool for getting followers. You choose keywords and it searches for people that use your keywords on Twitter, and then follows them (this feature is called Find & Follow). It also has tracking options and it’s really affordable. You pay by the number of keywords you target.

The good thing about Twollo’s auto-follow is that it doesn’t just follow anybody; you get more targeted followers because it finds them by keyword.

Just try some of these out and start to see your social media activity and presence grow, it’s an ever growing area of marketing that you simple must be using.

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Internet Marketing with Social Networking Sites

By Brian Neil

One of the most popular ways that you can advertise for your business is by using Internet marketing. By using the Internet, you will be able reach a large amount of people from all over the world. If you are running a business that you can do online without having to be in the same area as your customers, you will find that you will be extremely successful in your business. Of course, in order for you to be successful, you should know how to use some of the major social networking sites in order to locate potential customers.

One of the main social networking sites that people choose to use is Facebook. When you are setting up your account, you should make sure that your profile is professional. This is because people will not trust your company if you do not have a professional profile. If you already have a Facebook account, you may still want to consider setting up a separate one for your business. The last thing that you would need is to have one of your friends accidentally posting about a party that you went to on the wrong account. It is a much better idea for you to have a separate profile for your business.

Another one of the major social networking sites that you can use is Twitter. You will be able to update your profile on a regular basis and that will help people to learn more about your business. You will want to spend a lot of your time on Internet marketing. If you do not do this enough, you will find that you will not have a large amount of customers.

Once you have set up profiles on the main social networking sites, you will then have to start thinking about the many other way6s that you can advertise for your online business. For example, you will definitely want to take time to work on your website to make sure that you have it set up correctly. You will either want to set up your website yourself, or you may want to consider hiring someone to set up your website for you. If you are not sure about how to set up your site the best that it can be, then you may want to hire someone that knows about search engine optimization and can make your website easy to locate on the Internet.

Twitter is a one of the most famous social networking sites. Many celebrities use it to connect with their fans. This can also be used as a tool for internet marketing. To know more about twitter infographics, please visit our site here.

You Are Going to Fail At Marketing Online

Copyright © 2012 Mark Albertson

Now that I have your attention, read closely, because I think you’ll learn something about why internet businesses fail at an uncommonly high rate.

Will you be one of those people who fail? The answer is, yes, most likely, you will fail. Once again, sorry, but that’s the truth.

Why will you fail? You’ll blame the economy, that stupid “program” you bought, you got misled into some online marketing “program” and it’s all their fault. But you are just wrong.

The truth is, you will fail because of the following:

1. Your “Trying” internet marketing. It’s really easy to get caught up in the sense that the internet is different, and you just put things on “autopilot” and suddenly checks come rolling in. The truth is, marketing on the internet is much like marketing anyplace else. You can’t “try” to market on the internet or any place else. You have to be committed. You have to decide that this is something your WILL do, and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to profit from marketing on the internet.

2. You don’t want to work hard to make it happen. You have been misled by other marketers, who are working their buns off, by the way, into believing that making an income on the internet is easy. The truth is, a business on the internet is no different than any other business. You have to be committed, and you have to work hard. The internet IS a veritable gold mine, but only for those people who are willing to work hard enough to become successful.

3. You don’t treat your internet business the same as you would a “brick and mortar” business. Hey, just put up a website, sell affiliate products, and voila! there are checks in the mail. The truth is, you have to treat your internet business JUST like you would any other business, and you have to decide this is what you are committed to doing, otherwise, you will fail.

4. You don’t want to learn the technology necessary to market on the internet. If you wanted to open a butcher shop, you would learn how to be a butcher, right? Well, somehow, people who start internet businesses think they don’t have to learn their trade. The truth is, people who are successful in internet marketing, put the time in to learn the technology, or they spend the money to hire people who do know the technology. Either way, you will fail if you don’t understand the technology.

5. You don’t want to spend any money. I’m not sure how this idea generated that marketing on the internet is free. Yes, there are lots of ways to very economically market on the internet, but the truth is, if you actually want to be successful, you have to be willing to make a financial commitment to succeed. Smart investing is the important thing because the opposite is also true. Just because you’re spending money does not mean you are getting results.

6. You don’t have a plan. Every successful business has a markeiting plan. Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re most likely going to get there”. The truth is, you have to spend time creating a plan for success. If you don’t how will you know where you are going?

7. You aren’t willing to pay for good counsel/coaching/consulting. See all the above. There are experts out there who are worth their weight in gold. But, see above. You aren’t willing to spend the money for the quality help you need to be successful.

Obviously, my point is not that I want you to fail. Many succeed, and you could be the successful internet marketer also. I hope that my article will help you to understand what it takes to succeed.

Mark “Slim” Albertson has been called an internet marketing “Wizard” and has plenty of resources for you, including coaching, consulting and 5 guides he provides to anyone at no charge. Check out his blog, with articles, a newsletter and more, at

Twitter: Want 1000’s of Followers Fast?

twitter follow1.gif



Do you want the free marketing power of 1000’s of people following you on Twitter?  Let me know what you think about this free tool.  Seems legit to me.  I’m interested in feedback about this.



3 – LET ME KNOW (Comment below)

I guess the whole point is that from one tweet you set the ball rolling and, with a tool that is designed to build your list of followers, this is completely passive.  You just click once and the rule of mathematics takes it from there.

Now the question is, will all these 1000’s of followers be interested in what you are saying?  And is that a question worth asking or are all numbers better than no numbers on Twitter – no matter what? 

Your tweety thoughts?

Yanik Silver’s plans for February – Early-Bird Extension

yanik.jpgI just found out some really big news I wanted to share with you…

It’s about Yanik Silver’s Underground® Online Seminar going on next month (Feb 20-22, 2009) in Washington, DC.


He’s just extended the Early-Bird sign-up and discount by 5 days to January 20, 2009 because of 2 really exciting updates! (I’ve known Yanik for a long time and it’s really rare for him to extend any deadlines so you know this is good!)

Update #1: On top of the early-bird discount, access to a private, closed-door VIP dinner and Casino Royale night – he’s also added one more MEGA bonus for Early-Bird sign-ups. You’ll get a seat to the special Social Media Pre-day (don’t worry if you’ve already signed up – you’re automatically in.)

The day before the main Underground® event (February 19th) you’ll have a seat for the absolute latest intel and information on using Social marketing to grow your business. The amazing thing about using social marketing is you can literally be a "nobody" one day and with zero outlay grow an incredibly rabid base of followers and friends who are glued to whatever you put out there. All it costs is a little bit of your time and to understand HOW it works!

Quite frankly the writing is on the wall and if you want to be ahead of the curve you must make sure you attend this special pre-day. And instead of paying $995.00 like other pre-days we’ve offered you’ll get the entire day FREE if you register for the Underground® 5 before Jan 20th, 2009.

You’ll discover the absolute, up-to-the-minute real deal about using Twitter, Facebook, Social bookmarking (like DIGG, Stumble On, etc), Viral videos, Blogging and more! Social marketing is the hottest topic right now and you’ll get the straight scoop from real world people using it each and every day to grow their business.


Update #2: $1B Keynote Speaker #2 – Tony Hsieh CEO of

Yanik also just added Tony Hsieh, CEO of the $1 Billion (Yes B with a ‘B’) e-commerce company, Tony was a huge hit last year and it worked out that his schedule has a last-minute hole he took advantage of.

You’ll be able to get up close and personal with the CEO of one of the leading eCommerce sites in the world. Last year Tony was incredible accessible and totally approachable. (In fact, being ‘humble’ is one of Zappos core values and he totally lives it!)

And that’s just one of the reasons why there are NO seminars like the Underground® event.


The Underground® has quickly become THE most exclusive learning, networking and ‘deal making’ event put on each year.

Previous high-profile attendees were Dan Kennedy, Jonathan Mizel, Jim Edwards, Marlon Sanders, "The Rich Jerk", Jeff Johnson, Jeff Walker, Stephen Pierce, Bill Glazer, Perry Marshall, Rosalind Gardner, Joel Comm, Willie Crawford, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Michel Fortin, Michael Holland, Phil Wiley, Kevin Wilke, Andrew Fox, and many others who came to learn and not to B.S. in the hallways.

No doubt about it, the real players show up here…and there’s good reason for it…

It’s because the Underground’s premise is absolutely unique of bringing in real-world Internet successes who are definitely NOT the same "Usual Suspects" you see speaking anywhere else…just real-world "DO-ERS"!

You’ve got a few extra days now to register (through Jan. 20th) but I wouldn’t wait because there are just 89 seats remaining and going fast! (The site may not be updated yet.)


P.S. There are a half dozen more ‘Rogue Agents’ now coming in. One is doing multiple 7-figures online but he’s best known for offline marketing. And another is a master at PPC spending 7-figures on ad buys. But interestingly enough he’ll also be sharing information on a little-known way of going public by doing a "reverse merger". Many of the mega titans of the online world have gotten ridiculously rich when their company went public. (This concept of a reverse merger is very under-the-radar.)

Phew! Don’t get left out – sign up immediately:


P.P.S. If price is a concern, Yanik has made this a total "non-issue" because there is even an easy 4-pay payment  plan. And since the event is next month – it means he’s doing something that would make most seminar hosts sick to their stomachs! The last 2 monthly payments are taken *after* the seminar is over and you’ve had time to profit from the material.


Twitter Tool: Quick and Easy

I am far from being an expert at these things, but I just discovered this handy tool for Twitter tweaters.

It divides your Twitter contacts into 3 categories and tells you who is in each camp:

1 – Following —> You are following them but they are not following you.

2 – Fans —-> They are following you but you are not following them.

3 – Frineds —-> You are following each other.

It’s free and quick.  Try it:

You can follow me here: