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If you have heard of me, chances are it’s because you’ve picked up one of my books, been on one of my hundreds of live webinars or seen me at a live event. That’s my life today, but it’s not where I was just four years ago.

Four years ago I was sleeping on my sister’s couch, dealing with the injury-induced ending of my arena football career and struggling to start my business. Like many of you, I had lots of great ideas and I knew if I could just get them "out there" my business would be a success.
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Internet Marketing Is As Easy As Pie

Copyright © 2012 Mark Albertson

My grandmother used to make the most amazing lemon meringue pie. She would only buy the best, freshest ingredients. She would make the pie crust from scratch, and use fresh lemons, fresh eggs, and would create the pie with care. She could spend all afternoon making this most scrumpuous pie. When I think back about the time, effort, knowledge and skill that she put into her pie, I have to laugh when I hear the phrase, “easy as pie”. But you know what? It was easy for her, because she had learned how to make pie from her mother, and had made hundreds of pies, and all of her experience, knowledge, teaching, mentoring, and excellent ingredients did make it easy …. For her. As new internet marketer, I must have heard the words, “easy as pie” from a lot of places indicating that if I would just follow a few simple rules, I would be successful in internet marketing. My word to you is this: Internet Marketing is easy as pie – if you’re an accomplished pie maker!

Unfortunately, many people who first go into internet marketing are led to believe that making money on the internet is easy. It’s a “lazy person’s way to riches” it’s on “autopilot”, it’s just “plug and play”. Sorry, it’s just not. Oh, it’s easy to get a business on the internet. It’s easy to buy a program and have something that looks really really good. It’s not easy to get anyone to visit your website or blog, and it’s even harder getting people to buy your stuff. And that’s because, just like my grandmother, in order to be successful at internet marketing or pie making, or anything else, you must do these 5 things:

1. You must learn how to market on the internet. Unless you just have piles of money sitting around in which you can pay someone else to do it for you, you have to invest time, money and energy into learning how to market on the internet. There are lots of resources out there; great E-Books, great marketing guides, great info blogs, great webinars, and great videos. But you will just make mistake after mistake if you don’t invest in learning how to do it properly.

2. You need to have a mentor or coach. Someone who has been in the business for awhile, made some mistakes and had some successes. You can learn from their experience and you can avoid many of the distractions that will inevitably come your way. As I said, there is no shortage of information on internet marketing on the internet and elsewhere. In fact, there may be too much. Sorting through all the junk to find the gems is so much easier with a coach. They are worth their weight in gold. If you have a friend who’ll do it for free, great, but if not, you can find a great inexpensive coach who will fit almost any budget.

3. You need to find good ingredients. What I mean by this is good quality webhosting, good quality website development, good applications to make the website or blog contribute to your success. Buying a “website” package for $5/month may mean that you don’t have a great ingredient to make your internet success pie.

4. You need to practice. You won’t get it right the first time. You’ll fail here and there. You’ll make mistakes. That’s OK, and even beneficial, because you’ll learn from them. Yes, learning from other people’s mistakes is better than learning from your own, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes, then learn from them and do things differently.

5. Don’t give up. Nobody is a great pie maker immediately. But you’ll never become a great internet marketing pie maker if you quit. Don’t give up and don’t give in. You are close to success than you think!

Mark “Slim” Albertson is an internet marketing coach, lecturer, and author of 5 books on internet marketing. Having turned to internet marketing in th 1990’s, life has never been the same for this internet entrepreneur. You can read Slim’s articles, subscribe to a regular internet marketing newsletter, and download free guides on internet marketing at

How Do Signs Help In Building A Brand

Everything is about building a brand these days, if you recognize something in the market, or if you have seen an advertisement, chances are that you will buy it. This is not just limited to the products we use on a day to day bases, branding helps everywhere. Why do you think we only go to Google to search for something on the internet ? Well, it is because Google is now a trusted brand.

There are a lot of things that help in building a brand. Coco-Cola was a revolutionary brand and where did it get its image from ? – It got it from the red sign and now red is the first thing that comes into mind when people say coco-cola. It is all about building a brand and then using it to building a rapport with your target audience. The first and the most important thing you need to consider is a sign, it is the first thing that people identify you and your brand with. It is just like a signature, each hand written signature is unique and tell us a lot about the person.

So, when you are choosing a sign for your business there are certain things that you should keep in mind:

1.Always use a sign that will help you portray the image that you want to show your audience and also something that will attract them.

2.Always choose a sign that is easy to understand, visible and clear so that people are able to see the sign even when they are driving.

3.A sign should be attractive; however it should be appropriate and relevant to your business as well. Do not choose something, just because it looks good.

4.A sign is something that people will identify your brand with. So choose s sign and stick to it, it does not send a good message to the audience if you change your sings a lot.

5.The sign that you choose should be clear and it should be readable from a good distance, so that it is easier for people to spot you in a location.

A Sign helps a lot in building a brand, you might not know its importance, however it is vital and trust me people remember signs, that’s what they identify you with. So always make a good impression by choosing a clean and relevant sign for your business.