The Meaning of the Word “Launch” – And Why You Need to Know it…


Have you heard people say, “I’m launching my new product on Monday,” or “We’re gearing up for a big launch“?

And have you wondered exactly what they mean by that?

Do they simply mean their product is becoming available on that day?  Or do they mean they are preparing a mailing and pay-per-click campaign?

Is a launch an actual thing?  Or is it just a catch-all term that means whatever you want it to mean?

The Launch, Defined

No, it is not just sending a mailing or popping some ads up on Facebook.  Far from it.

Launching a product (or a whole business) is a carefully designed, strategically planned, success tested process that works when you follow the specific steps.

There are specific preparatory phases that each have their own success secrets embedded in them.

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Web Marketing Courses – Do Your Product Launches Miss Apple’s Secret Sauce?

By Lance Lovelady

Profitable product launches is something that has to be done correctly. To boost your income and be profitable and increase your sales you need to use a two pronged approach for your product launch marketing. Make sure you have a step by step plan for the launch so everyhthing is covered.

A people oriented approach is Apple’s successful approach and using their customer’s enthusiasm works well. Follow similiar techniques to Apple to improve your success. They start by focusing on what the product can do for people, their staf in store always conecentrate on what you can do with their products. How will this change their lives and make it easier and better?

Create a “Baddie”
Start off by making people aware of what annoys them create a “baddie”. The next step is to provide a solution that relieves this bad feeling with your product once you have identified the “baddie”. Steve Jobs used to use this technique whenever any new product was launched.

Movers and Shakers
Apple uses the rumour mill and other people to generate interest in their product even before it is launched. Movers and shakers of the blogging world are targeted, this will include technology leaders or the press. They get them excited and talking about what they can possibly do with the product. Doing this builds interest, expectation and it makes peopel keen when the launch date arrives. People are then pre-disposed to wanting the product and buying it is an easy process.

They also host workshops, with this information other bloggers or jv partners can be engaged. JV partner importance comes to its own because your efforts are increased dramatically when they create interest and drive traffic for you. Apple uses this method, you can use other peoples interest and curiosity to increase your visibility and in the end your income.

Never ignore your own marketing efforts to your own customers list or subscribers, get them to promote on your behalf! Using this 2 pronged approach you increase your visibility and income dramatically. Using a theme to help brand your promotional activities to your joint venture partners will help make you stand out and create interest and excitement.

Working towards a launch date is vitaly important for a number of reasons. Engaging other Joint Venture partners correctly means people don’t launch on your date. You also have a public date to work towards, this focuses your efforts on achieving a result within a specific timeframe.

Increasing the uptake on your products during a launch can be done using scarcity of product and/or time restricted pricing to motivate buying behaviour. These are strong psychological triggers to motivate people to buy especially when you enforce this. This teqchnique creates specific behaviour – you train your list to act on your promotions when you tell them that an offer is limited if they want the product they have to buy or it disappears.

Product Launch Strategy
Doing a launch successfully means you have to have a product launch strategy. This helps focus on your deliverables and makes sure all your systems and processes are in place to maximize your results. It’s not just the initial promotion and joint venture partners you have to look at but also the subsequent customers and fulfilling all their expectation to ensure they are happy and to reduce any problems that can develop.

Follow Apple’s example using their techniques to have a successful online launch for your product. You can use techniques like good vs bad, promotions via preferred partners and media. Using all of these methods in a systematic way will help to generate the level of income you want to reach for your planned product launch.

Doing a successful product launch is crucial to help build a business, follow a major player like Apple’s example in generating happy eager customers. Use Apple’s supremely successful product launch methods to build customer interest. You can also learn how to successfully launch a new product. Go to ==> for more.