Show Up

We tend to get so tethered to our electronic devices that we forget we have a body, a face, a voice, a physical presence.

When you are looking for ways to get your message out there, think about unhooking from your mouse, putting your phone on airplane mode, and getting out and shaking someone’s hand.

There are groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or civic associations that offer opportunities to do exactly what you are staring at your computer trying to figure out how to do!

Load up with your business cards (remember those?). Spark up a conversation, and be ready to sing out your elevator speech. But don’t lecture. Imagine a ping pong volley. Keep the interest bouncing form the other to you and back to the other again. The same enjoyment of a good volley can be had in conversation and will leave the other with a good association about you.

So the message for today is simply to show up. Let yourself be seen, heard, and awaken in others a curiosity about what you have to offer. Follow that up with phone call to reconnect. Get your message out there!

The Real Power Of Network Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of building an Internet business so big that you continue to make money even when you’re no longer working? That is the dream of millions of people who start their own MLM business.

The real power of network marketing is not the fact that you can dream big dreams like this. The real power of network marketing is how this business model makes it possible for anyone to actually accomplish it.

What I’m specifically referring to is the ability to leverage your time and grow your online business. I remember watching an Amway business opportunity presentation over 30 years ago.

The person doing the presentation drew circles up on the board and drew lines down with more circles and pretty soon the board was full of lines and circles. For some reason this made sense to me almost immediately.

You can work 20 hours a week, yet have a business that is literally having hundreds and thousands of hours worked in it every week. So why doesn’t this actually happen more often?

I read somewhere that the average person only sponsors 2.7 people into their network marketing business. This means that if you take every network marketing business opportunity in the world most people will not sponsor 3 people into their business.

The only way you can leverage your time is to sponsor more people. I can tell you from personal experience you’re not going to get lucky and sponsor 3 superstars in the first three people you bring into your MLM business.

If you did you could probably build a full-time business and never really work beyond the initial three people you sponsor. In reality you’re going to sponsor many people, and you’re going to have to continue to sponsor new people because many of these are going to quit.

The Internet is leveling the playing field a little bit. It’s certainly possible to sponsor more people faster using the Internet. However, this does take Internet marketing skills, and you have to be prepared to educate yourself on how to do this.

This can be easy once you learn how to do it. But it can be very hard and frustrating until you get to that point.

You now have two obstacles you must overcome. Learning how to drive traffic to your website, and then following up with your prospects and sponsoring as many of them into your business opportunity.

Once you master this you can begin to take advantage of the real power of network marketing. Teach people to duplicate what you’ve done and leverage your time so your business is growing even when you are not putting more hours into it yourself.

Internet Network Marketing: Why Join Network Marketing Online

By Adam S Harding

In this article we will look at a number of reasons why people decide to join network marketing businesses that have a strong online presence.

Internet marketing is fast becoming a method of choice for people all around the world to earn money from home to have greater control over their financial future. When marketing online is combined to the network marketing business model, there is the potential for excellent profits to be seen.

Here are the main reasons why network marketing on the internet is such as popular approach today:

* Helping Others – I like internet marketing and affiliate marketing because you can earn money by recommending products that you own to others. But at the same time, you have no idea if your customers will actually get results from the products they buy from you or if they will get lost and jump between magic objects from the other affiliate products that you promote to them in your emails. But if you join network marketing on the internet then you will be working directly with people and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. It is not where someone buys from your affiliate link and is then on their merry way. It is in your best interests for your customers to do well as well.

* Residual Income – Many people join MLM on the internet because of the potential for a healthy monthly residual income. With this type of business model you not only earn sales for making sales yourself but you earn sales when your team members make sales as well. If you build a good team community then pass-up commissions should be coming your way even on days you don’t make many sales yourself. It also helps to promote products that have a monthly recurring commissions nature to them.

* Easily Saleable – With physical products such as soap, supplements, and household goods, you have to handle stock and deal with shipping etc. But with online information products they are instantly downloaded over the internet. You can therefore sell as many of them as you like without worrying about running out of stock or having too many clients to deal with.

* More Free Time – Many people join the network marketing business to have more free time in life to do more of the activities that they enjoy. Because of the pass-up commissions nature of network marketing, less work needs to be done in order to earn a certain amount of money online. With a solid team spirit, the marketer can earn lots of money just from the efforts of his or her team alone even without taking into account their own sales. The automated nature of internet marketing and lead generation strategies when applied to this business model also contribute to freeing up the time of the marketer.

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Network Marketing Leads: How To Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

By Adam S Harding

The lifeblood of any network marketing business on the internet is leads. New business owners will do well to focus their early efforts into lead generation activities and not get distracted by other tasks that do not directly result in leads.

The following are a number of network marketing lead generation tips:

* Google News Traffic – Competition is much lower in Google News than the traditional Google search. Whilst there are millions (billions?) of competing pages on the main Google Search there are only thousands of competing pages on the Google News search at any one time. So by writing a press release on a Google News approved site, you should get instant traffic and generate instant leads. Be sure to link to your lead capture page from within each press release. You don’t need to have any really exciting news to report in order to write a press release. You can simply announce your latest blog post or video and that will do the trick.

* Article Marketing – Writing articles online is a great way for free internet network marketing leads. You write the article once then distribute it to various online platforms and that article is permanently available on Google for people to read for years to come. Each article that you write can potentially generate a daily stream of leads. If you write articles on a daily basis then your daily lead flow with exponentially grow. The key is consistency and dedicating part of your day to writing informative articles around your business.

* Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing is a very powerful way for how to get network marketing leads for free. You simply interact on relevant Facebook groups and build relationships with people. The key is to not be over promotional in these groups but to start a discussion. So post a link to an informative press release or blog post that you have created and ask a question such as “what do you think of this?” or “I have created this tutorial…does it help you?” rather than something spammy like “check out this link!”.

* Paid Advertising – This is the quickest way to get network marketing leads, but you need to know your numbers. Common internet based paid advertising methods includes solo ads, banner ads, and pay per click campaigns. In order to profit from paid advertising you need to have a good idea of your expected cost per subscriber in terms of their value to you. When you know exactly how much you can afford to pay per lead in order to be profitable then you can really scale your campaigns.

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Are You Really Ambitious Enough To Make Money Online?

If it is so easy to make money online why aren’t more people doing it? I remember reading a comment by Willie Crawford for several years ago that went something like “using the Internet to build a business is not going to be easier than making money with an offline brick-and-mortar business.”

For some reason that has always stuck with me. I think that is the case because I have understood from almost the very beginning that making money online is not necessarily easier than making money offline.

I personally have come from a sales and marketing job where my salary and benefits were over $100,000 a year. However, I had a goal to stay at home and work for myself and I wasn’t interested in taking a pay cut.

Let me just say that it takes a lot of ambition to make money whether you do it online or offline. This is especially true in today’s poor job market and worldwide economy.

Having goals you are willing to work hard for is not necessarily enough. You surely can read your goals every day and you may know the trick your subconscious mind into thinking you really want them.

Ultimately you are going to need to learn Internet marketing skills if you expect to make money online. The Internet provides many fantastic opportunities with certain business models that lend themselves to creating success quicker than others if you learn how to do it.

1. Affiliate marketing. This is still a good business model to make money with.

Many people think Google killed affiliate marketing in the past year with the way they’ve treated affiliate marketing websites. I don’t happen to believe this is the case because Google has their own affiliate program.

You just need to change the way you promote your affiliate products online. Focusing on micro-niches seems to be one good way to do that.

2. Network marketing. Getting paid on the efforts of others is a fantastic concept.

The downside to this is you will have to go through a lot of new members to come up with a handful of people you can work with. However, you can do this primarily online, and you can even be in more than one MLM program at a time.

3. Internet writing. There’s more of an emphasis on quality content for websites than ever before.

There are plenty of Internet marketers and offline businesses that are willing to pay a good fee for quality writers. If you’re willing to put in the time to learn how to become a good writer, and then market yourself, you can be as busy as you want to be.

These are still 3 good ways to make money online. They all will require ambition and Internet marketing skills. If you’re willing to combine these two things together you can make very good money staying at home working for yourself.

Starting Your Home Business? 5 Ideas That Work Right Now

Are you in a financial rut? Join the club. It is big group of several million people all around the world. Some are unemployed. Some are under employed. Some would just like to quit their present employment and use the Internet to make money online from home.

Which are you?

Let’s think big here! This is not an article about earning $5-$10 an hour taking paid surveys or typing at home. Rather, starting a home business may be just what you need to turn your life around.

Here are 5 ideas that will work right now!

1. Local business Internet marketing. This is an $18 billion a year business.

Help local businesses promote themselves on the Internet. I suggest joining the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA) and working with them to get your business off the ground. This is possibly the fastest way to earn a six figure income in a matter of months and not years.

2. SFI. Start a free home based business with Strong Future International.

For over 14 years they have helped people start their own home business. They are in over 190 countries and have over 54,000 products to promote. Their free Internet income course is worth studying.

3. Internet writing. Let me put in a plug for Jen Dize.

Check out her “Article Writing That Sells” report and then join her very affordable Writing Class. If you want to get serious about it you can earn a 6 figure income writing quality articles for Internet marketers and businesses that are willing to pay for good content.

4. Network marketing. The top direct sales companies in the world are built around the network marketing business model.

Do a Google search and you can come up with over 68 companies that do over $100 Million a year in sales. You can join any one of these and begin building a long-term business that will allow you to help other people and make money while earning a lot of money yourself.

5. Affiliate marketing. I personally started with this business model and continue to make good money with it today.

You can join Google Adsense and earn money when people click on ads. You can get paid by the lead in cost per action programs. Commission Junction is a good program to join for this.

Get paid to sell products for other companies. Amazon and ClickBank are two excellent cost per sale affiliate programs to join. You can even join 2-tier affiliate programs and get paid to not only sell products but to recruit affiliates and help them sell products.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet today. Starting your own home business is a good idea and using the Internet to build it is even smarter. Every one of these five ideas are something you can begin doing today!

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The Elements Of An Online Home Based Business Model

I love the online home based business model. Based on world wide economic factors, and ease of use, millions of people have joined me and continue to do so. If you want to make money from home using your computer and Internet access read on.

1. Can be anywhere. This is one of the great things about an Internet business.

You can call it a home based business, but really anywhere you can log online you can build your business. People who love to travel run their business wherever they are in the world with Internet connection.

Smartphones are making it possible to work on your business throughout the course of your daily activities. Outsourcing also makes it possible for you to hire employees and let them work from their homes in countries such as the Philippines or India.

2. Products? There is no shortage of products or services you can promote online. You do not even need your own product to get started.

I personally started out in the affiliate marketing business model and it is free and easy to do. You can also make money with network marketing, article writing, article marketing, selling digital information, Google Adsense, private label rights, and so on.

3. Budget. It doesn’t take much money to start an Internet home based business.

Many of the business models I just mentioned can be started for free or nearly free. It doesn’t take a lot of money to promote your Internet business either.

One popular way people market online today is to start a blog. There are other free marketing methods such as article marketing, social networking, and email marketing.

Paid advertising is a fast way to get your products online where people can find them. Pay per click advertising with Google Adwords is the most popular way to promote online. You only get billed when people click on your ads for keywords you are targeting.

4. Get rich! Many people start off part time with a goal of going full time. The advantage of this is you can build your income while still working a full time job.

People who have been laid off from their job really don’t have a choice and are full time Internet marketers out of necessity. This can work as well because it allows you to focus 100% of your efforts on building your home business.

In the end you can be as rich as you want online. There are literally thousands of people who earn six-figure or seven-figure incomes, and make money from the comfort of their own home.

Do MLM Autoship Programs Still Work?

In network marketing you can make money retailing products. One of the best ways to make recurring commissions is to set up your customer on autoship.

This is where the product is automatically shipped to your customer every month. The MLM company takes care of this for you. You make the initial sale and many times this is done automatically on your company provided MLM retail website.

MLM Autoship Programs-Nutritional Products

Autoship was made popular in network marketing businesses that featured nutritional products such as vitamin supplements. These products are used up every month and need to be replaced.

From a distributor’s perspective this is great because the company ships the products for you automatically. There is no need to contact your customer and get the order from them. You do not need to remind them to place their order either because it is shipped automatically.

The really good network marketers do keep in touch with there customers to find out how everything is going. This is a good way to get additional orders that are not on autoship. It is also a good way to ask for referrals and build your retail customer base.

Autoship is good for retail commissions. You earn your commission without needing to order products, deliver them, and collect from your customer. You also get paid every month so you can count on a certain amount of repeat retail business.

From a customer standpoint this is great because the product automatically comes to them. They do not need to worry about reordering.

The downside is people forget to use the products and over time it begins to build up a backlog. The answer to this is to call the MLM company and skip a month. As a distributor you can help your customers by keeping in contact with them and managing their autoship order.

MLM Autoship Programs-Digital Products

With online marketing there is no backlog of products if they are digital. The customer accesses the products online so autoship works very well. Internet marketing programs sometimes refer to this concept as a continuity program. Some people call them membership sites.

With these type of products the value is in the archived training as well as updated information added to the product or membership site. You can log in and use your membership anytime you want.

This is great for building a worldwide business. You see it in MLM programs such as online shopping, Internet marketing training, eBooks, website hosting, domain names, and so on. Digital based MLM is a great way to make money online and not worry about your customer putting their order on hold because they have not used up last month’s order.

Autoship does still work regardless of the business model if you provide a quality product that people use up and need every month.

Is Internet Marketing or Network Marketing A Better Way To Make Money

I make money doing both Internet marketing and network marketing. The question for a newbie trying to make money online is which way is better? Let’s answer that question.

1. Network marketing. I have found that it’s easier to build an MLM business when you incorporate Internet marketing into it.

The big advantage is in generating real prospects for your business. In the old days of network marketing you had to prospect in person or by phone.

This eliminated most people from ever really sponsoring anyone and building a large downline. Most people were never any good at handing out business cards, prospecting, identifying real prospects, setting an appointment, doing an MLM business presentation, following up, enrolling a new distributor, and teaching them how to do what you just did.

It’s actually amazing to think about people like Mark Yarnell with Nu Skin, Dexter Jaeger with Amway, Jan Rhue with Discovery Toys, and so on were as successful as they were. This is why John Milton Folgg wrote the best-selling MLM book titled “The Greatest Networker” which is a parable about a young man ready to quit network marketing and what he learns to become successful at it.

In the past so much energy was spent on personal development because this was really the only way the average person was going to improve themselves to the point they would go through this whole process to build their business.

2. Internet marketing. Even with the advantages that the Internet provides most people still will never sponsor more than 1 or 2 people in their downline. The reason for this is using the Internet to build an MLM business takes online marketing skills.

It really doesn’t matter what the business model is. Until you learn how to get traffic to a website you are not going to make money.

Based on this fact network marketing companies are incorporating a lot of training on traffic generation. This can still mean using offline marketing methods with your warm market.

However, in building a meaningful MLM business, you will need to learn how to promote your system of prospecting, sponsoring, and training using the Internet. The exciting thing about this is once you learn how to do it you can be in multiple network marketing businesses at the same time.

You may not be comfortable with that. You might just want to focus on one and building it as large as you can.

However, once you start making money with your first network marketing business, today many Internet marketers will take on a second mlm opportunity. The key to making this work for you is to outsource the traffic generation.

You can still put your personal touch on following up with prospects yourself. But you don’t have to deal with anybody until they are a legitimate prospect. This is why network marketing is a great way to make money when you use Internet marketing to assist you in doing it.

Why You Will Probably Fail At Network Marketing

Multi level marketing, or MLM as it is known for short, is a business model. It is sometimes called network marketing. Some people do well with it, but most people never make money.

I have an interesting perspective on network marketing going all the way back to the late 1970s. My parents were full-time Amway distributors and my wife and I have been in both old school mlm business opportunities, and new exciting Internet MLM programs.

There are several reasons you will probably fail at MLM and we will look at the main ones in this article.

1. No Internet marketing skills. You need to learn how to promote on the Internet if you are going to build an MLM business today.

In network marketing the phrase duplication always comes up. This is where you have a system that everybody is working the exact same way.

The problem with network marketing, and Internet marketing, is you still need to learn how to drive traffic to your company provided websites. The reason people fail in network marketing is not any different really than affiliate marketing, making money with private label rights, and so on. You still need website traffic, and if you cannot get it you are not going to make money online.

2. Never sponsor anyone. I always liked the concept of leveraging my time in network marketing.

I didn’t have to work a hundred hours a week for my business to grow. I could work 10 hours a week and have a downline with 10 people working 10 hours a week to equal the same amount of effort.

This concept does not work if you never sponsor anybody. The average person has a problem sponsoring more than a couple of people.

3. Are not sales oriented. Product has to be moved through your downline if you are going to make money in multi-level marketing.

This means you have to sell products, or build a large downline of people who are purchasing products from themselves. It doesn’t matter what the product is. Unless people are purchasing it nobody makes any money.

4. Lack of time management skills. Most people do MLM on a part-time basis and have problems coordinating their busy lives with their new MLM business.

5. Not entrepreneurial. You are in business for yourself.

Entrepreneurs understand there will be ups and downs and they’re willing to ride those out. The average person in network marketing has a tough time dealing with obstacles and end up quitting before they become successful.

6. Lack of big dream. You really need to know exactly why you want to build an MLM business. The most successful people I have seen over the years are the ones who have a really big dream and will not quit until they reach it.

These are several reasons why you will probably fail in network marketing. Any of them can be overcome if you are willing to develop skills and do not quit until you reach your goal!