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If you have heard of me, chances are it’s because you’ve picked up one of my books, been on one of my hundreds of live webinars or seen me at a live event. That’s my life today, but it’s not where I was just four years ago.

Four years ago I was sleeping on my sister’s couch, dealing with the injury-induced ending of my arena football career and struggling to start my business. Like many of you, I had lots of great ideas and I knew if I could just get them "out there" my business would be a success.
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It Is Feasible To Control Your Own Network With The Right Affiliate Tracking Software

By Miguel F. Watkins

If you are using an affiliate program you might have an idea of how much effort and maintenance can be required to successfully manage the affiliate software. It is critical to have the ability to send the best traffic to your offer to generate leads and successfully convert them to satisfy your publishers and assist your business growth.

A reliable affiliate tracking program platform that allows you to accurately monitor all of your traffic and conversions is the perfect answer to accomplish this. When you can bring your program in house with access to program management tools that provide you with functionality to form direct relationships with the affiliates sending traffic to your offers. It does not matter how much or how little experience you have with the affiliate marketing industry when you can depend on a system that features easy capabilities to manage limitless affiliates in one customizable and intuitive software platform.

The ability to manage your information cost effectively using tracking solutions that are parts of this process is a crucial component that is key for success. You can successfully build your own lead generation offers to capture and validate real-time leads that can be sold successfully with lead tracking capabilities under control. It will be possible with the help of proper lead generation and management software to generate prospects from a large selection.

You are capable of tracking your leads in your own offers or use the system to track your leads in other offers using affiliate software that allows integration with a lead form of your creation. Tracking lead quality using a comprehensive reporting system will allow you to oversee how many leads get returned and which buyers are picking up your leads. Sharing dynamic posting instructions with your affiliates who can host offers and provide you with data is another attribute that you have the ability to produce

The capacity to prevent fraud is another component of this process that is critical. You should be assured that the application program interface will work smoothly with the best fraud analytics and prevention companies in the market to help you decrease the amount of fraud that you must deal with. This means that you must have the ability to analyze your traffic permitting you to eliminate and prevent both transaction and affiliate fraud. Software that can easily help you generate leads and track them to reveal their quality and success should be the focus of your search along with excellent support and capabilities for fraud prevention and elimination.

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How To Quickly Jack Up Your Readership With Controversy

By Winston Takeda

Did you hear about that carrot farmer that figured out a way to get his vegetables half an inch longer? Neither did I. Did you hear about what that Olympic athlete tweeted that landed her in hot water? So did everybody else. See a pattern here? Of course you do. People are naturally drawn to controversy. That means if you want to get more people reading your articles, then write about controversial topics. This is the surest way to get your articles to go viral, get millions of clicks on your resource box links, and make tons of sales from your website. Of course, you’ve got to be careful. If you go to far, everybody will hate you and hack into your site and destroy everything. In this article, you’re going to learn exactly how to create the right kind of controversy.

One thing to be careful of are opinions that many other people don’t share. What you’re looking for is an opinion that sharply divides people, but one where there are roughly equal number of folks on both side. That way you’ll have at least half of the people in your corner rallying behind you. When choosing a topic to write about, think of your self as a bookie. You want an equal number of action on both sides of the equation. All you need is the juice, and you’re home free.

How do you choose these topics? Surf the forums that are related to your niche, and check out the threads with the most replies. These are generally the hotly contested items. Choose one side that you agree with, and then start to research it. Reading all of the replies on that particular forum is a great place to start.

When it comes time to express your opinion, do so in no uncertain terms. Don’t go so far as dissing anybody in particular who’s got a different opinion, but make it clear that you have no idea how anybody could think differently than you. For example, if you think organic traffic is better than paid traffic, make sure you make it absolutely clear that anybody would be completely nuts to pay a cent for any visitor to their website. That way, the organic traffic people will be fully in your corner, while the PPC crowd will be hot to argue with you.

Naturally, you’re going to create a lot of passion among people who agree with you. They’re going to be likely to click on your links. However, you’d be surprised how many will click on your link just to find out what you’re all about. If you’ve got a decent landing page that explains your product in terms that are respectful to both sides, then you’ll get a lot of conversions from both sides of the aisle.

When you careful choose your topics, and offer a strong opinion, you will get plenty of traffic. So long as you’ve got a halfway decent website with a halfway decent offer, you’ll make plenty of money.

To make the most of your efforts, you’ve got to have the best landing page possible. One of the hottest methods around is to have a video landing pages. These are widely known to convert truckloads of readers into customers.

Earning Higher Profits with Your eBook

Selling eBooks online to make money is a solid business model–you can find eBooks on just about every single topic imaginable. People are in love with eBooks for hundreds of different reasons but one of the bigger reasons is that eBooks are easy to get access to, particularly since so many of the eBook readers feature Internet access now. Keep reading to learn some of the ways you can use your eBook to earn you a lot more money.

Sell Affordable Reports: A quick and easy way to boost your credibility and that of your eBook is to sell super cheap reports that are related to your subject matter. But how does this help you raise the number of your eBook’s sales? It’s not that hard: each and every report you write and sell helps to promote the eBook and build your buyer list. How successful you are with this strategy depends, however, on how focused your reports are and how well they target the same market you’re targeting with your eBook.

For example, if you have created and decided to sell an eBook about the “Body Building” topic, you need to create and then market micro reports about small topics covered within the pages of the book itself like “build giant biceps” and “how to get a strong torso.” This particular strategy does require you to put in all sorts of effort but, in the long run, you will see that the conversion rate and traffic flow to your website are sky high and that will make the work worth it. eBooks Make Great Audio Courses: Lots of people prefer audio courses to eBooks because it is easier to absorb information through listening than reading. You can create an audio course by simply recording your voice while you read out the eBook text. Just try to make it exciting by adding your own personality to it, and also elaborate on points where you feel it’s needed. Another advantage of recording an audio course is that you’ll be able to sell it a much higher price due to the higher perceived value. People don’t mind paying more money for audio courses because they find that it is easier to understand things by listening than by reading. More importantly, audio courses are fun–both for you to make and for people to listen to.

Join Other eBooks to Yours: The Internet is full of eBooks that come with exclusive rights for reprinting that will allow you to reprint that eBook and sell it for a profit or give it away for free. Reprint rights also allow you to combine that work with work of your own to allow you to create an entirely new and stronger book. Your asking price won’t seem unreasonable at all when potential buyers see just how much extra value they are getting. You should always over deliver because it always works in your favor by showing your potential customers that they’re getting quite a lot out of their investments. However, do make sure that you buy reprint rights to only those eBooks that offer quality information and are relevant to your target niche.

To sum up, by now you can see just how easy it is to raise your eBook sales profits.

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How To Leverage The Incredible Power Of Return Visitors

By Winston Takeda

If you’ve got a website, then you likely know what “bounce rate” is. It’s the percentage of people who come to your site, look around on only one page, and then go somewhere else. The higher the bounce rate, the less chance you have of selling something. Another important metrics is percent of new visitors that come to your site. If you’ve got a high percentage of new visitors, and a high bounce rate, than can only mean one thing. Many new folks are finding your site, having a look around, and leave before long. In short, you’re getting plenty of traffic, but they aren’t sticking around very long. The secret in selling things online is getting your visitors to come back again and again.

Think about it. If you visit a site, read a few articles, and think to yourself, “Wow, this is pretty cool, I should bookmark this,” then there’s a good chance you’ll buy something from that site or buy something that’s recommended from that site. In this article, you’ll learn some tips on how to increase your return visitors.

The first thing you’ll need is some kind of site map. This will make it easy for visitors to find their way around. If people get lost easily, they won’t have a very good time, and they won’t likely come back. On the other hand, if they can always find their way around, and find those pages they really like without too much trouble, then you’re in business.

Instead of having pages filled with text, make sure you’ve got plenty of interesting pictures. Pictures that are related to your product and services can go a long ways in generating interest. Also, consider putting up some videos as well. You can either make videos yourself, or find some interesting ones that are non-product specific. That way, your readers will have a lot more to keep them occupied.

The content you do create should be compelling and interesting. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions. Also, invite comments from readers. Ask open ended questions in your articles and invite readers to respond. And when they do, make sure you engage them. There’s nothing more enticing than a blog that’s filled with lots of lively comments. This gives you plenty of social proof, which can help you sell pretty much anything.

It’s always a good idea to give away valuable information for free. Don’t just recycle the same stuff people can find on other sites. Give away something for free, and this will trigger the psychological factor of reciprocity. This will make it much more likely that people buy things from you.

When you follow these tips. you’ll have a lot more chance that you’ll be successful. Just keep on working at it, and you’ll have a huge income stream in no time.

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Top 3 Reasons to Write Your First Money Making Ebook Now

By Maritza Parra

Everyone has an expertise of some kind, even if you do not feel that is true at this time. You have knowledge and information that could be helping a certain segment of the population. It’s time to share your gifts, talent and knowledge with the world and create the kind of future you desire. Here are three reasons you should write your money-making Ebook now.

1) You hate your current job.

If you’re unhappy with your present employment, isn’t it a good idea to begin planning your method of escape right now? No better time than the present. An eBook can be the foundation of a stream of income made from the comfort of your own home. No time clock necessary.

2) You might be getting a divorce.

First, I am so sorry to hear that. Second, I know exactly how you must be feeling. This is what happened to me years ago and what got me started on my path to become the Product Creation Queen. I now see what I thought of as my greatest failure was truly a great blessing. I began having panic attacks and doubting everything around me at the time. I began studying meditation and spirituality and I befriended myself again.

Soon I began teaching how I recovered from this devastating event in my life and my first information product business was born. By leveraging the power of the internet, I was even called by Oprah and interviewed on her XM radio show “The Soul Series”

Sharing how I turned my greatest failure into my most shining success has helped me bring hope to many people and let them know that there is life afterwards, and it can be greater than you ever imagined. By putting all my knowledge, my advice and inspiration into Ebooks I also have different streams of automated income so you never have to depend on anyone but yourself for financial security.

3) You got fired.

If you received a pink slip at work, writing an eBook should be something you seriously consider. It’s one of the most inexpensive products to create. If you do it right, you could have your valuable, information-filled eBook completed in one weekend. My first eBook was the beginning of what I now call my “PJs Empire” because I turned that one eBook into audios, videos, a membership site, DVDs and more. I’ve set up these products so they just sit on the internet working for me, day and night.

If you are experiencing any of the above, I urge you to write your first eBook right now. Everyone has an expertise of some kind, even if you do not feel that is true at this time. You have knowledge and information that could be helping a certain segment of the population. It’s time to share your gifts, talent and knowledge with the world and create the kind of future you desire.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

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Use These Off The Beaten Path Tips To Supercharge Your Online Business

By Winston Takeda

For most people, business is straightforward. Create a product that has demand. Come up with a good offer, put your product in front of as many people as possible. Rinse, repeat. If you make money, you’re doing good. If you aren’t, then you’ve got to change things up. What to change? Since most people are loathe to change their products, they change their marketing. The secret is that there are many, many more methods of marketing than most people realize. For online marketing, there is PPC, and organic traffic. This is all that most people consider. But in reality, there are many, many more.

Viral videos are seen by millions of people. Nobody knows when they’ll hit. But did you know that you can use these to your advantage? Just contact the owner of the video, and ask them if they’d let you re-brand it. This means taking the video, putting your ad on the front of it, and then republishing it. While this isn’t a long term strategy, at least for any one individual video, it can get your name out in front of hundreds of millions of people.

Social networks are a virtual goldmine. Everybody has a certain number of friends, and all of those people have a certain number of friends. If you get a message out, and it’s passed on by only a small percentage of these “friends,” then you’ll have your message in front of millions of people in no time.

Twitter parties are fantastic. It’s easy to get plenty of followers if you put in the effort. Once in a while, you can hold parties on Twitter. This is when plenty of people plan to meet online at once, and then simply tweet away. Since everybody has tons of followers, you can quickly get your message out there. The best part about this is that’s it’s totally free.

Giving away a free product can do wonders for your business. Many people are worried about this, as they are just barely making a profit as it is. But it can generate a lot of new customers, as most people buy things from people that they know and trust. And giving away free products is a great way to generate this trust.

When you start to think outside the box, you’ll be amazed how many interesting marketing ideas you can come up with. Just keep trying out different things, and you will have expanded your online presence before you know it.

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How To Boost Your Sales With Internet Marketing

By Winston Takeda

If you’ve got a small business, then you are way ahead of the rest of us. Plenty of people dream about setting up their own shop, but few people have the guts to do it. Not only that, but many businesses fail within the first couple years. So if you’re doing OK, then you must be doing something right. But what you are about to learn can magically transform your business, giving you more sales, increased earnings, and magnificent profits. What I’m talking about, of course, is Internet marketing. There’s plenty of reasons why you need to get in the game if you want to continue making a healthy profit.

First of all, online marketing is perfect for small business owners who don’t have a ton of cash. You only need a couple hundred bucks to set everything up. Even less if you know a thing or two about the Internet. There are plenty of easy to use software platforms that are perfect for promoting your products online.

One benefit of having a website is you can really target your customers. If you’ve got a shop in a busy mall, for example, you’ve got to wait for walk in traffic. Most people who pass by aren’t really interested in your stuff. But online, the only people who’ll visit your site are already interested in what yo have to offer. This makes it a lot easier to sell things to them.

The basic idea is to set up your site around certain keywords. That way, when people go to their favorite search engines and type in those keywords, your site will come up. That means you’ll get a lot of free visitors. Of course, you’ll also need to build links back to your site, called backlinks. The more you have, the higher you’ll rank. You can either do this yourself, or hire a professional who will charge a certain fee per month.

One thing you’ll definitely need to do is create a page on Facebook for your business. Nowadays, Facebook is the first place people check when they want to find out about your business. If you’ve got interesting things on there about your main site, then people will be much more likely to visit and make a purchase.

Of course, once you realize how easy it is to expand your existing business online, you might find yourself expanding into other parts of business. It’s easy to sell things online, because you really don’t need to maintain any inventory. You can just drop ship things from wherever they are being stored. If there’s a lot of accessories to your main product, for example, this would be a great way to expand your business.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to expand your existing business to the online world. You’ll find that after a brief learning curve, it’s easier than ever to use the Internet to increase your sales and profits.

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How To Become An Expert In Internet Marketing

By Unnah Mitchels

Internet marketing comes in many different forms. Some are quite simple and some are based on complicated algorithms but the thing they all have in common is success for business. This article sets forth many ideas and possibilities for the business owner, through internet marketing that can bring great success for minimal investment.

Make the most out of sub-headlines. Sub-headlines on your website capture the attention of your visitors and can prolong the duration of their visits. Lots of people don’t have the time or patience to read an entire sales letter. Sub-headlines let the skimmers know exactly where the information that they are seeking is on your site.

Think visually. Yes, you are trying to sell a product or service, but think about it: how many times have you stayed on a website that you couldn’t stand to look at? Make your website clean and attractive so that people will stay long enough to look at what you have to offer.

Don’t be afraid to try new internet marketing strategies. Often these ideas do not pay off right away, so do not get discouraged. When you first try something new, do not let the instant results or lack thereof determine whether you will continue with this way of marketing on the internet.

Find other businesses you can work with and offer a package deal. Do not do this with businesses you are competing with. Consider this as an opportunity for you to reach out to a larger audience. Your products will be advertised by one or more other business to their customers.

Hire someone or find volunteers to test your site before you launch it publicly in order to cut back on massive errors. Everyone from video game designers to car manufacturers always has test runs of their products. A big game release will be in beta tested for years before it is finally released to the public. You should take at least a few days and have people test your site for function and ask for feedback.

When marketing a product using a website, provide a link to your privacy policy and contact information on every page. This will make your site seem more professional, as most corporate websites do this. Also, it makes you seem more trustworthy, since your potential customers won’t have to hunt around in order to find ways to contact you.

Never be a pitch-filled salesman. To gain credibility, do not try to sell your audience anything. Simply write your articles to the best of your ability, and allow your reader to decide if they should buy anything based on that. Give away freebies, either information or item-wise, to show your readers that you desire them even if they don’t buy anything.

Just as stated in the beginning of this article, internet marketing can absolutely improve sales for any type of business. As long as you know what you are doing, you are ready to get the sales you want. Take the information you have obtained from this article, and get where you want to be with internet marketing.

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How to Be Known as an Expert in Your Field

Credibility is one of the main criteria that you need to focus on if you want to see people trust your business and buy from you. Before people are willing to put their trust in you, they want to see proof that you have the abilities and qualifications to talk about your product or service. This is why it’s really important that you become an industry expert in your chosen industry and take your business to the next level. This will allow you to get more from all your marketing efforts and help you establish your standing in your chosen field.

Distribute Free Ebooks: Writing and distributing eBooks is a great way for you to offer people the valuable content that they want. Regardless of what your niche is, you can always give your target audience ebooks. This instantly brands you as an expert when your readers see you don’t mind sharing the knowledge that you possess. This is seen as a selfless act on your part, giving you more leverage in terms of growing your expertise. And it doesn’t have to be complicated; it can as simple as 10 pages as long as you’re giving value. Conduct Webinars: Webinars, or online seminars, are a popular way to get valuable content to your target audience. Because of the available software tools, running a webinar is not that difficult and it allows you to connect with your audience in real time. You can showcase your expertise when you answer your attendees questions during the webinar. These people will then talk about you with their friends and colleagues if you provided them with good information. Holding webinars on a regular basis will help elevate you to expert level in no time.

Be a Live Speaker: Find events related to your niche where various people are invited to speak. There are some events where anyone can sign up as a speaker; in other cases, you’ll have to arrange it beforehand with the organizers. You should be willing to speak at small or medium sized events and not expect to get paid, as many organizers are seeking speakers who can enhance their events without charging anything. This is beneficial for both parties, as you have a chance to gain publicity while the event is getting a free speaker.

The above points make it clear that becoming a genuine expert in your subject doesn’t have to be difficult or take years, as long as you follow some proven guidelines. Once you attain this status, you’ll find that your business will really start to take off.

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