Product Creation Tips – What to Do When You Get Stuck Writing Your E-Book

By Maritza Parra

Many people get stuck trying to write their first Ebook. Many people simply give up on writing something that could become multiple streams of automated income for them. Writing my first Ebook several years ago was actually a very simple process. I developed and perfected this process and now I can write a valuable and content-filled Wbook in a weekend.

An example of what not to do when writing your first Ebook:

“I’ve been writing my Ebook for the last year.”

Usually these people are doing several things wrong.

1. They have no roadmap and just plop themselves in front of their computer screen and stare and the blinking cursor which seems to be screaming C’mon, c’mon gimme something good already…!

2. This person is suffering from a very common disease called Perfectionism Gravatis. I know because I actually first discovered this same disease in myself. To be successful in anything, you must let go of perfectionism because there is no perfect and you must become a recovering perfectionist.

Let me share with you a few tips that make creating your Ebook simple, fun and uncomplicated.

1. Begin with your story. Why and how did you become involved in what you are teaching and sharing? This allows you to build credibility and connect to those people and potential customers who will resonate with you.

2. Create a context for your content. It’s important to be sure you define the basics of your information so people don’t get lost from the beginning. By making it easy for your customer to understand all your information, you are making it easier for them to actually apply it.

3. Create a Why outline of your information. This is 5 – 10 steps, tips or facts about the knowledge, information or process you are teaching. This is the why and what of your information and this part is the framework upon which you will hang the majority of your How information.

4. Now begin filling in the How To information which is your step-by-step process, you particular recipe for what you are teaching.

5. Put it all together. Now take all the information, grab a tape recorder or use a free online recording service and speak your information as if you were teaching it to a real, live person who really needs your information. Have it transcribed, so a few edits and there is your e-book.

Remember, your Ebook is only the beginning. Once you have that, you can turn the same information into all kinds of other, more valuable products you can sell around the world from the comfort of your own home.

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Quick Ebook Creation – How to Fast Write Your First Ebook in 30 Days

By Maritza Parra

As the Product Creation Queen, I meet a lot of people who want to write an eBook in order to duplicate their time and produce a product inexpensively that can be sold over and over again. Here are 3 quick tips to help make writing your first eBook easy and fast.

Quick eBook Tip 1: Getting to the Heart of Your Big Why. It’s important to have clarity of purpose when writing your eBook because your eBook is a reflection of your inner voice. Answer these two important questions to help you find clarity of purpose:

1. Write out the benefits to your audience of the information, knowledge & expertise you’ll be sharing with your audience.

2. What are the benefits to you and your business from writing your eBook?

Quick eBook Tip 2: Uncovering Your Story. Write your story as it applies to the information, knowledge, experiences you will be sharing with your audience. How are you uniquely qualified to teach and share this information? Share any credentials, your experiences and your passion. How did you first get interested in this subject? Though you may not believe it at first, your audience does want to know. Did you get over any fears or obstacles to attain your knowledge? Sharing your obstacles and how you transformed them into opportunities is way to help other people through your personal experiences and allows them to connect with you. It may feel scary to be completely open and authentic but you can connect more closely with the audience that is perfect for you. Remember, your unique audience is waiting for you!

Quick eBook Tip 3: Outline Your Information and Record It. Create an outline with all the important points to cover to teach your information. Set up a recording date and time with one of the many free online recording services. When the date and time comes, remember as you share your information that it will help another person and focus on service to get over any discomfort you may feel at actually getting out of your comfort zone and getting your product created. Then contact a transcriptionist or a student who types quickly and needs extra cash to transcribe your content rich audio, share your draft with a few prospective students to make any content and editing revisions necessary, turn the document into a PDF and voila! Your eBook is in your hands and ready to share with the world.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel ready because you will probably never feel perfectly ready. That is one of the best things about writing an eBook. You can later update it and send the updated, new and improved version to purchasers without the expense of a physical book. Just set a goal for completing these three steps and you’ll have your eBook completed in no time.

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Internet Marketing Advice – Are You Acting Prepubescent in Your Online Business?

By Maritza Parra

Are you acting prepubescent in your online business? There are some similarities between teenagers and struggling internet marketers. Recently, I was talking to a 15-year-old teenager. He didn’t seem to have any interests outside of school and his grades were not good. I asked him “Why don’t you do any extracurricular activities?” I almost fell out of my chair when he answered, “That would take effort.”

After our conversation, I began to think about some of the similar problems of struggling teenagers and those of struggling information marketing entrepreneurs.

There are two things I believe are stopping some people from having the successful online business they want to create in their life:

1. Lack of Results-Oriented Effort

Teenager – Many teenagers live with an entitlement attitude. They believe simply because they exist or did a minimum amount of effort, they deserve things they have not earned.

Struggling Entrepreneur – Same thing with many internet marketers. There is a world of difference between planning the actions you will take and actually taking the action once you’ve made your plans and getting things done. Many people delude themselves into thinking that planning things in their head is enough and never get into the small, daily, consistent, unsexy actions that would yield results.

Solution: Stop looking for the magic pill. It does not exist. And even seemingly “magic pills” have unwanted side effects. Effort and energy is required to be a success in anything. Creating the habit of sustained effort and action-taking starts with planning but does not end there. Make sure you follow through on those plans until you’ve developed a huge action-taking muscle in your online business. On a regular basis, look back and evaluate the results you’re getting from those actions.

2. Lack of Personal Experience

Teenager – Teenagers have little or no experience in many of life’s obstacles and gaining that firsthand experience is what turns them into productive, healthy, well rounded adults.

Struggling Entrepreneur – In the same way, many people who want to start an information marketing business want to teach subjects they have absolutely no experience or success in! You simply cannot teach abundance and prosperity if you are living paycheck to paycheck. You cannot teach inner peace if you send angry, reactive emails and can’t control your temper with your family.

Solution: Teach only what you truly know. Do not attempt to teach what you do not have experience in. You cannot help people and you will not be successful. Gain the experience necessary to become a great teacher by finding a coach or mentor who has been successful in that area. Then, you got it…! Make the sustained effort to gain the experience necessary to be a teacher in that subject.

Stop and be honest with yourself, are you guilty of acting like a teenager in your business?

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Top 3 Reasons to Write Your First Money Making Ebook Now

By Maritza Parra

Everyone has an expertise of some kind, even if you do not feel that is true at this time. You have knowledge and information that could be helping a certain segment of the population. It’s time to share your gifts, talent and knowledge with the world and create the kind of future you desire. Here are three reasons you should write your money-making Ebook now.

1) You hate your current job.

If you’re unhappy with your present employment, isn’t it a good idea to begin planning your method of escape right now? No better time than the present. An eBook can be the foundation of a stream of income made from the comfort of your own home. No time clock necessary.

2) You might be getting a divorce.

First, I am so sorry to hear that. Second, I know exactly how you must be feeling. This is what happened to me years ago and what got me started on my path to become the Product Creation Queen. I now see what I thought of as my greatest failure was truly a great blessing. I began having panic attacks and doubting everything around me at the time. I began studying meditation and spirituality and I befriended myself again.

Soon I began teaching how I recovered from this devastating event in my life and my first information product business was born. By leveraging the power of the internet, I was even called by Oprah and interviewed on her XM radio show “The Soul Series”

Sharing how I turned my greatest failure into my most shining success has helped me bring hope to many people and let them know that there is life afterwards, and it can be greater than you ever imagined. By putting all my knowledge, my advice and inspiration into Ebooks I also have different streams of automated income so you never have to depend on anyone but yourself for financial security.

3) You got fired.

If you received a pink slip at work, writing an eBook should be something you seriously consider. It’s one of the most inexpensive products to create. If you do it right, you could have your valuable, information-filled eBook completed in one weekend. My first eBook was the beginning of what I now call my “PJs Empire” because I turned that one eBook into audios, videos, a membership site, DVDs and more. I’ve set up these products so they just sit on the internet working for me, day and night.

If you are experiencing any of the above, I urge you to write your first eBook right now. Everyone has an expertise of some kind, even if you do not feel that is true at this time. You have knowledge and information that could be helping a certain segment of the population. It’s time to share your gifts, talent and knowledge with the world and create the kind of future you desire.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

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Product Creation Advice – My Top 3 Ways to Effectively Use Twitter For Your Online Business

By Maritza Parra

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that had been growing at lightning speed with about 5.5 million users at the time of this article. I had no idea what to do once I signed up for my free twitter account. Now I’ve learned what to do and I’m filling up my Teleseminars and my how-to-make-information-products classes with people who came directly from twitter.

Twitter Tip 1: Follow More than just your friends and family.

At first, I was only following one person and couldn’t figure out why in the world anyone would care about random messages about what I was doing and I was sick of hearing all about what he was doing 24/7. I almost (gasp) stopped using twitter altogether because I did not understand it.

Now I follow everyone except those people who look like they might be spammers. By having a lot of followers, every time you send out a message or an invitation to a teleseminar or a new product, those people who are interested in your subject will sign up. More sign ups to your teleseminars means you are building your list community and more customers who can sign up for your products and classes.

Twitter Tip 2: Go to Your Twitter People (Tweeple) when You Need a Boost.

Sometimes you might have a bad day. It’s hard to create products or do much else effectively when you are feeling negative. We all have days like this. I’ve noticed that most people on twitter are extremely positive and caring. If I ever feel discouraged, all I have to do is go to twitter and read some of the posts or interact with my tweeple and I can continue my day with an infusion of inspiration.

Twitter Tip 3: Survey Your Tweeple to See What Kind of Products They Would Buy.

One day I wanted to do a little market research and I decided I would send a survey to my regular list community and the same survey to my twitter followers. I was amazed at the higher responsiveness from my twitter followers compared to my regular list community.

I believe it’s because on twitter people are actively engaged and everyone is flooded with email and many times email is simply ignored. I know I don’t read most of my email or I would never get anything done. I got a huge response from my twitter and they helped me decided which product to create next. I filled up that class with a lot of people from twitter!

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Twitter Surveys – How to Find Out Exactly What Your Followers Want Before You Create Your Products

By Maritza Parra

Did you know that Twitter is a great resource for doing Market Research? When used strategically, you can use Twitter to survey your followers and find out what they most want to learn.

What most marketers do

Most marketers make a huge mistake when they begin to create a product or service. They (sometime arrogantly, always foolishly) believe they know what their market wants. They then proceed to spend days, weeks, months and even years creating a product only to discover that they are the only ones that wanted it.

Then they get discouraged and frustrated and quit, saying that Internet Marketing does not work. When in fact it is most marketers that do not work intelligently and strategically.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

What I want you to do

The smart marketer asks the market what it wants before creating product or resource. In this way, when the product or service is ready to launch, there are hungry people waiting for it because they had a part in the creation.

Enter Twitter Surveys

This is something I created to find out exactly what my followers want to know, before I create a product or service for them.

One of the greatest things about a Twitter Survey is that because Twitter is so immediate, you get an immediate response from your followers.

And your followers feel honored to be asked, which makes them much more likely to invest in the product when you offer it.

Step 1 – Your Tweet – Here’s what your tweet might look like (remember, you only have 140 characters): What’s your biggest question about (a topic in your niche)?

For example, I recently asked my followers what product they needed the most help with in creating. I thought for sure it would have something to do with video. I was surprised to discover what they most wanted to know about were ebooks.

Step 2 – Your Link – Then include in your tweet a link to your actual survey. Sounds like an obvious thing to do, but I have seen people leave this part out.

Step 3 – Your Survey – Use SurveyMonkey to create a survey for your followers. Create no more than 3 – 7 questions, including both opened ended questions (more than a few words to answer) and closed ended questions (yes/no, a, b. or c).

Step 4 – Your Answers – Compile your answers. Create the product or service they are asking for. Deliver it and profit.

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