Show Up

We tend to get so tethered to our electronic devices that we forget we have a body, a face, a voice, a physical presence.

When you are looking for ways to get your message out there, think about unhooking from your mouse, putting your phone on airplane mode, and getting out and shaking someone’s hand.

There are groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or civic associations that offer opportunities to do exactly what you are staring at your computer trying to figure out how to do!

Load up with your business cards (remember those?). Spark up a conversation, and be ready to sing out your elevator speech. But don’t lecture. Imagine a ping pong volley. Keep the interest bouncing form the other to you and back to the other again. The same enjoyment of a good volley can be had in conversation and will leave the other with a good association about you.

So the message for today is simply to show up. Let yourself be seen, heard, and awaken in others a curiosity about what you have to offer. Follow that up with phone call to reconnect. Get your message out there!

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When I wanted to start making money with Twitter, I purchased several methods being taught online, to help me get started. All of them fell short of producing real results. If that wasn’t bad enough, they wanted me to buy additional services that didn’t make their course any more effective. HELLO!?
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Online Marketing: A Change In The Advertising Industry

By Mark Anastasi

Advertising has been most of the companies’ way of reaching out to people and their way on promoting their services and products. This makes the company known to people and make it more visible to potential consumers that will be reached by the advertisement made. The advertising industry traditionally uses mass media, newspaper and magazines, radio advertisement, television commercial, and direct mail. But with the continuous improvements that is happening in the industry of advertising, online marketing has been the latest trend in promoting every companies’ services and products. Online marketing is known to cover a large scope of potential customer in the online world. With the use of internet marketing promotions can reach many people and there could be a wide scope for product awareness. This will help every company in increasing their sales.

The Effect of Online Marketing

Internet marketing gave a positive effect on the industry of advertising; with this kind of marketing, companies’ advertisements about a certain product can reach many customers in a short period of time. This kind of marketing doesn’t only focus on advertising a product or any service that a company may have. These are also open in doing business online like having auction advertisements that would get more people interested in items that are on sale like antiques, gadgets, clothing and many more. Online stores use this kind of marketing to make sure that their action would attract more potential customers for their items. These are also used to make their customers look for items in their online stores first before they go to flea markets where they can also find the items that they want. Potential customers are also able to look for the prices that would fit in with their budget in purchasing a certain product.

Online marketing also helps candidates in their electoral process. Most candidates use this kind of strategies during election because they tend to spread their plans and messages to more supporters through internet. These candidates are also able to drive in more donors as a support for their candidacy.

Online marketing is also used in promoting television shows and in showing movie trailers to all interested movie goers. They are able to post their television shows and movie schedules online and post the latest updates of the trailers that would promote certain shows and movies.

With the use of online marketing, advertising industry had a very big change when it comes to reaching out to people. This kind of marketing shows that the potential customers and supporters of services, products, auctions, candidacy and shows are not limited. Companies, candidates and producers are sure that they would reach many people with the use of online advertisements and promotion. There would definitely have a high chance that they will have an increase in their sales and would have an increase in the traffic to their company’s website. The change done by online marketing didn’t cause any harm in the advertising industry, but it caused a great relief in making promotion and advertisements reachable for all people.

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Do You Procarastinate When Trying To Make Money Online? What Can You Do About It?

I suspect procrastination has killed as many Internet marketing dreams as just about anything else. Why start working to make money online today if you can put it off until tomorrow, right!

I remember reading once that if you wake up and do not feel like going to work take the day off. If you wake up everyday and do not feel like going to work get a new career.

This is so true for Internet marketers. Whether you get paid for surveys part time, or are building a large online business full time, you can not afford the consequences of procrastination.

You really cannot hide your Internet marketing success. You either make money, or you don’t.

So if procrastination is a problem for you what can you do about it? Here are a few things that have been helpful to me.

1. Get plenty of quality sleep. This is probably the number one thing that keeps me from sitting down and going to work.

If I’m tired I just don’t like working. Taking a nap in the afternoon is helpful as well.

2. Take a walk. Getting away from your computer and going outside to get some fresh air is very helpful. It’s also helpful in reinvigorating your body so you get a good nights sleep.

3. Join a mastermind group. This could be a group of one or more of Internet marketers who are all working toward the same goal.

It’s great to be able to contact people who are just like yourself and bounce ideas off of them. This is very motivating.

4. Set small goals. If you have a really big goal, and that’s all you’re working towards, its too easy to procrastinate accomplishing something every day.

Small goals are easier to hit. Plus they’re also easier to make yourself accountable when working towards them.

5. Get er done. I think this is a redneck phrase by Larry The Cable Guy. Nike says just do it.

Make a daily to-do list and mark things off as you finish them. This will help you accomplish a lot over the course of one week.

6. Avoid checking email all day. Set a couple times a day that you are going to check email and then stay away from your inbox. It’s easier to stay focused on what you need to get done if you’re not constantly checking your email.

7. Avoid social networking. I guess I’m lucky that I’ve never really gotten hooked on Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

I understand there can be a business benefit to them, but for the most part these are a waste of your valuable time. It’s also easy to trick yourself into thinking you are working when in fact you’re really just goofing off.

There’s a lot more that we can say in regards to overcoming procrastination. Identify some of the primary things that are causing you to procrastinate and deal with them.

Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes You And I Have Made And Others Will Make In The Future

When I try to make money online I expect to make mistakes. As I have become more experienced I have learned from my mistakes and applied what I learned so I do not repeat them.

In this article let’s talk about mistakes I have made building an Internet business, and mistakes others will make in the future. Hopefully these are not on your Internet marketing mistake list.

1. Not focusing on one way to make money. I see this all of the time in emails I receive and on what I read in discussion forums.

People are always looking for that magic way to make money. Even if they find something that really will work for them they spend time looking for something new.

Because there are so many ways to make money on the Internet today you need to find something that appeals to you and focus on it until you’re making money. This can be something as simple as taking a paid survey or writing an article at iWriter or Hire Writers.

2. Get started. Some people suffer from paralysis analysis. It simply means that they don’t get in the game and actually start making some money.

If you analyze things over and over you will never actually develop practical experience. You may have a theory, but you’re not making any money because you never get started.

3. Wasting money. A good example of this would be purchasing domain names and never developing websites out of them. Every year the domain names renew and you spend more money while never earning any money in that niche.

Another example might be joining a program and paying a monthly fee to be in it. Here’s an example of that!

A good friend of mine joined a fitness club one time and spent $60 a month for over two years. What’s amazing is he never went back and worked out one time.

Same thing happens online every day. We all waste money by not paying attention to how we spend it and following through to turn that expense into income.

4. Not building a list. You can build an email list in virtually any niche that you are in.

It’s as simple as putting a sign-up form above the fold and giving people something for free in exchange for their name and email address. All you will need is an autoresponder and a series of follow-up messages.

The key thing here is your list is an asset that can make you money in the future. You’re following up with people promoting products to help you make sales in a hands-off way.

5. Develop Internet marketing skills. You must invest some time and money on continual education.

We are not born knowing how to do Internet marketing. It’s something you must learn, and you must keep up with, because things are always changing.

6. You can not do it all. This is probably the biggest mistake I have made.

I wish I would’ve learned how to outsource faster. It’s more fun to do the things you enjoy with Internet marketing and pay somebody to do other things. Sites like Fiverr make this very easy and inexpensive to do.

These are several examples of Internet marketing mistakes we all make. Overcome these and watch your Internet income grow!

Generating Traffic and Tips in Online Marketing

By Mark Anastasi

Online marketing refers to any process or activity that individuals or companies can utilize in order to build strong connections with their clients and in return gain some value. In other words, it is about promoting of products and services using the internet as a medium. This type of marketing incorporates management in customer relationship and data administration of digital client which are being used in the businesses nowadays.

The significance of marketing tactics has increased because of the internet’s growth and popularity. Most established businesses are buying online space by way of looking for marketing strategies online so that they could reach their audiences. Internet marketing also helps several businesses to generate leads which can be changed into earnings and sales. Most of the organizations are utilizing marketing tactics in order to create and grow better business.

Internet Marketing and Generating Traffic

Nowadays, there are several marketing tools that can be used to locate the best place or website hotspot where more traffic can be generated. These marketing tools can restore broken links or take the website at the top spot in the result pages of search engines.

One good method of increasing the sales and generating leads through internet is by utilizing the keyword suggestions. It is very essential to use the accurate keyword in any online marketing and traffic generation. If the website is not giving emphasis in using the accurate keywords to make it searchable, the possibility of being located by the internet users is very low. Low ranking websites in search engines can cause low income possibility because of bad keywords. The marketing tactics should be used so that the business can have online presence. Website can also be enhanced by providing better content and good design.

The main goal is to attract potential clients so that they will be interested in your products or services. Generally, a well-designed websites can entice a lot of guests but then, online marketing strategies and search engines should be applied so that the website can be easily found by the people. Some businesses also use the social media as part of their online marketing efforts. Some people are also modifying their website codes so that it can be found by search engines thus generating more traffic.

There are several strategies that people can choose as part of their marketing campaign. Take note that without internet traffic, there will be a lesser possibility of increasing the sales. Forum posting, email-marketing, blog posts and pay-per-click marketing can also be used in order to generate a more productive marketing campaign.

Marketing Tips for Success

The internet is essential for many businesses. They can obtain information, reach their customers, fill orders as well as endorse products. These are just few examples that can be done in World Wide Web. Online marketing is basically a task that most people are using to run their industries. If you want to reach broader audiences, it is important to increase the online presence of your business. Obtain a website, endorse it and then increase the visibility in search engines.

MARK ANASTASI is an Internet entrepreneur and founder of the Inspired Marketing Group. Organizing events such as The Traffic Generation Summit, The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women, and The Passive Income Summit, he has trained over 12,000 entrepreneurs around the world since 2005. Want more? Grab my free reports and videos on

Based On My Personal Experiences: When To Go Full Time Online

I read a thread in the Warrior Forum about when is a good time to quit your job and go full time online. Everyone has different circumstances they need to take into consideration.

When I started online in 2002 I had a goal to quit my full-time job and go to work for myself as an Internet marketer. I made the mistake of trying to do that in 2004 when I really wasn’t ready.

I came back and did it again in 2006 and have been able to maintain a full-time Internet marketing career in spite of all the and downs in the economy and changes to how Internet marketing is done.

Let may offer a few tips that I feel are important to understand before you go full time online.

1. Learn how to do Internet marketing. You’re going to need some skills if you are going to make money online.

These skills might be different depending on whether you are performing a service or actually running a full-time business. By that I mean if you get paid for surveys you would need different skills then if you are a blog writer, or a full-time network marketer.

2. Have an income safety net. It’s a good idea to have a certain amount of money in the bank that you can cover your bills with before you starting working full time for yourself online.

One thing you can do is start doing Internet marketing part-time and save a certain percentage of what your earnings. For example, you might set a goal of saving your part-time Internet earnings until you have six months of living expenses saved.

Doing this allows you to continue to work full time while building a part-time Internet career. It also helps you learn how to make money and learn how to save some of it.

3. Understand outsourcing. This is something I wish I would’ve learned earlier on in my Internet business.

Do what you like best and outsource the rest. Nobody can do everything, so it’s helpful to pay people to do things you either don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to do.

4. What is your business model? There are so many ways to make money online it is important to focus on something and become really good at it.

This seems to be a constant for people who develop a full-time income. Now this is not to say that people will not make money in more than one way.

However let me give you an example. There are people who build large content sites and monetize them with Google Adsense ads.

They build niche sites where people are looking for more information on. They then let Google sell the ads and make money when the website visitor clicks on the ads.

Other people might do network marketing, start an Internet writing business, flip websites, sell ebooks on Amazon and ClickBank, and so on. Figure out something you can really learn inside out and going full-time online will become easy for you.

Essential Strategy for Online Marketing

By Mark Anastasi

You can make an increase to the effectiveness of your chosen marketing by having a cross promotion with some partners in role which are free to you. You will be seeking people who have the capability to offer something which will have a good tribute to what you offer to your clients and prospects. If you want to work the partnership you choose you have to search for people who are willing to promote you on their list. Understand well how online marketing works and be open to attend teleseminar interviews, styles for internet marketing and social media marketing. Your courses and your products would not be able to stand alone. There are instances that some other courses and products that will come after or before yours.

Although you offer basic products and courses on your role topic, there are instances that your client or prospects would either prefer to those products and services which are beneficial. You must be aware that everything which are offered online are not definite you must be sure first if those things are relevant and effective to your goal for online marketing. Most people are usually on that point of the line especially those who are learning, so for them to continue moving forward seeking for more information is sure to make some sense. Observe where that information on the line falls. Try looking for some people that will provide the information that will certainly come with both after and before of what you provide.

Those things will also help you gain right ideas for what other kinds of products and services that you may like to make in the future, for you to fill the gaps. It will be best to promote products and services which are very admiring to you. Say for an instance you are teaching some people how to properly knit, the complimentary product is to teach them how to select proper type of supplies especially the yarn. In such a way each of the products will surely complement one another and it will definitely lead to the progress of both businesses.

In time that you already found those people who created a certain kind of complimentary offers, you should make an arrangements in order to advance both of your information with the use of affiliate links. In this case everyone will be given a chance to gain profit in time that sales has been made with their efforts for marketing.

Try using teleseminars in order to interview both sides and to expose the necessary information to the list of each person. Social media and blogging are also involved. It will give you chance to make a good buzz for everyone. Try to look at those people who become successful with internet marketing. What you will see is the same with those mentioned ideas. They did exactly the same technique for the growth of their visibility and credibility online. Try to follow their path and promote complimentary niches with others, this will surely build your business online. Trust yourself as much as you trust others that will bring you so much strength top fight for your goal.

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Do You Want To Make Extra Income Online?

Having a side income is always a good thing. You never want to be caught without enough money to pay your bills. Making extra income online allows you to use your various skills and turn them into a money making venture. There is no limit to the things you can do online to make more money for yourself and your family.

Hold Tutoring Sessions Online

Sharing your knowledge of a particular subject matter with others can be both fun and rewarding. Using a webcam can make the sessions even more interactive. This is because you can talk face-to-face with your students while being anywhere in the world. Some students will be able to learn much easier when they can actually hear what is being said.

Offer Tax Advice

Anyone who is knowledgeable on the subject of taxes should be able to get paid for giving advice. You should be sure to mention if you are not a licensed CPA. Even if you are, you need to make sure that nothing you say is being construed as legal advice unless you are being paid for that advice. Your blog or any other interaction with people on your website could get your into trouble if you don’t have this disclaimer.

Sell Extra Tickets That You Won’t Use

Are you a season ticket holder? If so, you can sell your tickets online for a profit. Most states require that you limit your profit to 10 percent above the face value of the ticket. However, if you have several tickets that will go unused, you can make some money while watching another game or spending time with your kids. There is no reason to brave the cold weather to watch a team that may not be in contention for a title.

Start A Sporting Goods Store

Most sports memorabilia is valuable to somebody. A ticket stub, an autographed bat or a Super Bowl ring can be worth a lot of money. Starting a site where you sell or auction off these items can be a lucrative endeavor. Keep in mind that you should authenticate anything that you sell. Sports memorabilia is prone to fakes and other counterfeit items being sold. You could lose your business or even go to jail if you sell a fake item.

Get Tips For Tips

There is nothing wrong with you asking your visitors to give you a tip. Placing a button that allows people to donate is commonplace on many blogs and websites. You could set up a site where people can tip you for giving them advice on various subjects. People are always looking for advice on their love life or how to run their business.

Making extra money online is something that you can do rather easily. There are many great ideas that are easy to execute. Those who are looking to shore up their finances can make a side income dedicating just a few minutes of their day. The financial security of you and your family is worth that investment.

I Made $18,000 In 90 Minutes, Without A Website, A List, Or A Product!

By Mark Anastasi

We had a record 256 optins yesterday, since we started our little listbuilding experiment two months ago.

Traffic to my blog was 14,571 visitors in June, and has increased 40% to 20,404 visitors in July. I’m aiming for over 10,000 visitors a day to my blog, in due course.

(the last few days I’ve been getting 1,400+ visitors a day to my blog)

By the way, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s webinar where Brian showed us his ‘speed-cash’ strategy. 502 of my clients and readers registered for that specific webinar.

After the webinar, my friend Steven Essa chimed in as well and reminded me of his own ‘speed-cash’ strategy. You may remember this example from my book.

“I made $18,000 in 90 minutes, without a website, a list, or a product, thanks to a ‘Joint Venture Webinar’!”

Steven used to play the guitar in a heavy metal band in Los Angeles. He later worked briefly in a car-repair shop and then worked for a real estate investor.

One day he attended a seminar about Internet marketing, and it changed his life.

Let me share with you the story of Steven’s first ever ‘webinar joint venture’ deal (a great ‘speed-cash’ strategy), in his own words:

“A little while after attending my first ever Internet marketing seminar and learning about how webinars worked, a friend of mine put me in touch with a lady she knew, who could use my help.

I got in touch with her and it turned out she was a barrister, and that she had a law-related product she wanted to sell to her database of 1,000 people.

I found out that she had never emailed her list before, nor sold anything to them. Instead, her plan was to travel around Australia to deliver seminars and sell her offer.

I strongly advised against doing seminars because I knew that the costs, time and logistics involved in running seminars were horrendous.

Instead I suggested she did a webinar.

Her business partner strongly disagreed, but after a few more conversations I got her around to my way of thinking.

I explained to her that if she did a webinar…

• There was no cost to her,

• It would only take 1-2 hours of her time,

• She could reach a GLOBAL audience with her offer! (unlike a small, local audience)

I had a ‘GoToWebinar’ account, so I knew how to set up a webinar (it is so easy it’s a joke).

So here is what I proposed to her:

• She would create a $3,000 offer for her audience

• I’ll set up the webinar through my GoToWebinar account

• I’ll write the copy for the webinar registration page

• I’ll write and send out the emails to her list

• I’ll interview her during the webinar

• I’ll arrange to collect the money (we share proceeds 50-50)

She agreed to this joint venture.

The result: Out of 1,000 people on her list 60 people attended the webinar and we generated $18,000 in sales in one hour.

I was not surprised because this webinar marketing business model was so leveraged, so comfortable, so easy for people to run and people to participate in, it had everything going for it.”

In the above example, Steven followed the simple 4-step process

1. Decided on his target market: small business owners.

2. Found out what they wanted: to make more sales.

3. Created a solution for them: promoting a live webinar to the client’s mailing list, by using his Gotowebinar account.

4. He then marketed his SOLUTION to his TARGET MARKET.

He had an irresistible offer, with a great pitch (his marketing ‘hook’) that got his prospective clients very excited:

“I will help you sell MORE of your product or service at ZERO cost to you.”

MARK ANASTASI is an Internet entrepreneur and founder of the Inspired Marketing Group. Organizing events such as The Traffic Generation Summit, The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women, and The Passive Income Summit, he has trained over 12,000 entrepreneurs around the world since 2005. Want more? Grab my free reports and videos on