Show Up

We tend to get so tethered to our electronic devices that we forget we have a body, a face, a voice, a physical presence.

When you are looking for ways to get your message out there, think about unhooking from your mouse, putting your phone on airplane mode, and getting out and shaking someone’s hand.

There are groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or civic associations that offer opportunities to do exactly what you are staring at your computer trying to figure out how to do!

Load up with your business cards (remember those?). Spark up a conversation, and be ready to sing out your elevator speech. But don’t lecture. Imagine a ping pong volley. Keep the interest bouncing form the other to you and back to the other again. The same enjoyment of a good volley can be had in conversation and will leave the other with a good association about you.

So the message for today is simply to show up. Let yourself be seen, heard, and awaken in others a curiosity about what you have to offer. Follow that up with phone call to reconnect. Get your message out there!

Online Marketing: A Change In The Advertising Industry

By Mark Anastasi

Advertising has been most of the companies’ way of reaching out to people and their way on promoting their services and products. This makes the company known to people and make it more visible to potential consumers that will be reached by the advertisement made. The advertising industry traditionally uses mass media, newspaper and magazines, radio advertisement, television commercial, and direct mail. But with the continuous improvements that is happening in the industry of advertising, online marketing has been the latest trend in promoting every companies’ services and products. Online marketing is known to cover a large scope of potential customer in the online world. With the use of internet marketing promotions can reach many people and there could be a wide scope for product awareness. This will help every company in increasing their sales.

The Effect of Online Marketing

Internet marketing gave a positive effect on the industry of advertising; with this kind of marketing, companies’ advertisements about a certain product can reach many customers in a short period of time. This kind of marketing doesn’t only focus on advertising a product or any service that a company may have. These are also open in doing business online like having auction advertisements that would get more people interested in items that are on sale like antiques, gadgets, clothing and many more. Online stores use this kind of marketing to make sure that their action would attract more potential customers for their items. These are also used to make their customers look for items in their online stores first before they go to flea markets where they can also find the items that they want. Potential customers are also able to look for the prices that would fit in with their budget in purchasing a certain product.

Online marketing also helps candidates in their electoral process. Most candidates use this kind of strategies during election because they tend to spread their plans and messages to more supporters through internet. These candidates are also able to drive in more donors as a support for their candidacy.

Online marketing is also used in promoting television shows and in showing movie trailers to all interested movie goers. They are able to post their television shows and movie schedules online and post the latest updates of the trailers that would promote certain shows and movies.

With the use of online marketing, advertising industry had a very big change when it comes to reaching out to people. This kind of marketing shows that the potential customers and supporters of services, products, auctions, candidacy and shows are not limited. Companies, candidates and producers are sure that they would reach many people with the use of online advertisements and promotion. There would definitely have a high chance that they will have an increase in their sales and would have an increase in the traffic to their company’s website. The change done by online marketing didn’t cause any harm in the advertising industry, but it caused a great relief in making promotion and advertisements reachable for all people.

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Your Own Fully Functional Fixed-Term Membership Site Ready to Take Orders in One Weekend

By Martin Li

In previous articles we covered the many benefits of continuity or recurring income. We also outlined the advantages, particularly for internet marketing newcomers, of fixed-term membership sites compared with traditional membership sites.

Let’s take a quick look at the potential earnings from a fixed-term membership site. It’s perfectly feasible to build up to 500 members, each paying you, say, $20 per month. That would translate to:

500 members x $20 per month = $10,000 monthly income

That’s potentially $10,000 in monthly income being generated from one site… from just 500 members.

Here are further illustrations…

100 members x $20 per month = $2,000 monthly income

300 members x $10 per month = $3,000 monthly income

1000 members x $20 per month = $20,000 monthly income

Please don’t get carried away by these figures. These are for illustration purposes only, although they highlight the potential that fixed-term membership sites offer.

As you can see, it doesn’t take many members, or high monthly membership fees, to make you an attractive income every month. And imagine what your bank account would look like if you had a couple of these sites working away generating profits such as these for you, month after month.

How To Set up a Fixed-Term Membership Site Over a Single Weekend

One of the main benefits of fixed-term membership sites is that they are much faster to set up than traditional membership sites. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Choose your market niche (2 hours)

2) Choose your delivery schedule, ie how frequently and over what period you will deliver information to your members (1/2 hour)

As a guide, if you have 12 to 30 ideas or points you wish to communicate, 3 months would probably be the right duration for your membership. If you have 30 to 50 ideas, consider 9 months and if you have over 50 ideas, consider a year.

3) Select your domain name and organise hosting (1 hour)

4) Determine your pricing (1/2 hour)

5) Set up an autoresponder account if you don’t already have one and write your initial welcome message and redierct page (1 hour)

6) Write your sales letter, or outsource someone to write the letter for you (6 hours)

7) Design your download page, from where your members will access the information you provide (1 hour)

8) Create your first instalment or lesson, which can again be oursourced if you don’t want to do this yourself (3 hours)

9) Set up a billing system to accept recurring online payments from members (1 hour)

10) Online marketing to promote your fixed-term membership site (3 hours)

That’s around 19 hours in total – which you can fit into a couple of longish days over a single weekend – to set up a fully-functioning fixed-term membership site that’s ready to generate income from a website you set up to provide valuable information to your members.

These steps are well within the capability of even newcomers to internet marketing. So don’t delay. Get thinking about the best subject you can use to start your first fixed-term membership site.

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The Most Important Page On Your Website

There is no denying that having a solid website is critical for success in building your online business. Not only does it represent you and your message for so many to see – it allows you to attract new visitors and gives you a tremendous opportunity to convert those visitors into leads.

Having a “client attractive” website that pulls people in with your compelling message is critical in building your list with highly motivated and qualified leads.

But, do you know WHICH page on your website is the most important for converting the most highly qualified leads onto your list?

Homepage? Nope.

Contact page? Nope.

Squeeze page or Landing page? Maybe – but not the most qualified.

In my opinion, the most important page on your website for attracting and converting highly qualified and motivated people onto your list is the About page.

Yep – the “About” page. The page where you “tell your story” and allow visitors to find out who you really are and why you do what you do.

Why? It’s the ONE page on your website where you have the best opportunity to truly engage with your visitor with your story, your why and your message. When you do so effectively and in an authentic and compelling manner – you have the best ability to convert them onto your list – when they are the MOST interested, engaged and motivated by reading about you.

How? Easy… And, this is where most people miss it. I’ve seen countless of “About” pages on a website with no optin box. None. Big mistake. Yes, there is the basic optin box on the upper part of the page – but as the visitor is scrolling down and reading more about you – they’re super interested and engaged.

So, why not include an optin field throughout the page as the visitor is reading? Perhaps as you’re telling your story about how you got started or why you do what you do – including a very transparent optin box for the visitor to optin at that moment to find out more will massively increase your conversion to your list.

And, because these people are actively reading your story and everything about you on the About page – you know they are interested and engaged more so than anywhere else on your site. It’s the most transparent and conversational way you can connect with a visitor on your site.

They are learning about you – and wanting to find out more. Including an optin field sprinkled throughout your About page will increase the likelihood of them joining your list.

It’s not a hard call to action like you may have on a squeeze page or landing page referring to your IFO. It could be more subtle and simply refer to whatever the topic is you’ve written as part of that section from your About page.

Doing this small change will not only increase your conversion and build your list, but build your list with truly engaged and interested subscribers – which will pay off in a very BIG way over time…

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

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It Is Feasible To Control Your Own Network With The Right Affiliate Tracking Software

By Miguel F. Watkins

If you are using an affiliate program you might have an idea of how much effort and maintenance can be required to successfully manage the affiliate software. It is critical to have the ability to send the best traffic to your offer to generate leads and successfully convert them to satisfy your publishers and assist your business growth.

A reliable affiliate tracking program platform that allows you to accurately monitor all of your traffic and conversions is the perfect answer to accomplish this. When you can bring your program in house with access to program management tools that provide you with functionality to form direct relationships with the affiliates sending traffic to your offers. It does not matter how much or how little experience you have with the affiliate marketing industry when you can depend on a system that features easy capabilities to manage limitless affiliates in one customizable and intuitive software platform.

The ability to manage your information cost effectively using tracking solutions that are parts of this process is a crucial component that is key for success. You can successfully build your own lead generation offers to capture and validate real-time leads that can be sold successfully with lead tracking capabilities under control. It will be possible with the help of proper lead generation and management software to generate prospects from a large selection.

You are capable of tracking your leads in your own offers or use the system to track your leads in other offers using affiliate software that allows integration with a lead form of your creation. Tracking lead quality using a comprehensive reporting system will allow you to oversee how many leads get returned and which buyers are picking up your leads. Sharing dynamic posting instructions with your affiliates who can host offers and provide you with data is another attribute that you have the ability to produce

The capacity to prevent fraud is another component of this process that is critical. You should be assured that the application program interface will work smoothly with the best fraud analytics and prevention companies in the market to help you decrease the amount of fraud that you must deal with. This means that you must have the ability to analyze your traffic permitting you to eliminate and prevent both transaction and affiliate fraud. Software that can easily help you generate leads and track them to reveal their quality and success should be the focus of your search along with excellent support and capabilities for fraud prevention and elimination.

Becoming a part of an affiliate system is a decision that takes time. An affiliate tracking program gives power to companies to direct traffic to other sites for a small cost. Visit this link for more accurate, reliable software platform.

How To Make Blogs Fun And The Cornerstone Of Your Marketing

By Don Hastie

Most marketers make this HUGE mistake!

They abandon their blog when things get overwhelming.

Why is this a HUGE mistake? Because a blog is your most effective marketing tool by helping you:

To very quickly improve your writing skills To grow your lists To develop a meaningful, lasting, relationship with your lists To continually promote yourself to a dedicated audience

Here’s my tips for staying on track…

1. Focus on the content

To fully and quickly promote yourself you need to consider/do all of this… Write and promote blog posts, build links, promote on Twitter, create Facebook fan pages, experiment with PPC ads, RSS feeds, create eBooks, etc.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Trying to do everything above would be possible, and it could help your blog, but it would also burn you out quickly. No wonder so many people feel totally overwhelmed when they see such a list.

Don’t fret though; simply focus on the core activity only which is writing content.

If you only have time for one task, use it to write content. Continue to build a body of posts, even if you don’t publish them all at the same time. I find that when I’m in writing mode I can churn out articles and blog posts quickly. Then when I find that I’ve got a little more time on my hands because I’ve got some stock blog posts written I’ll then use that time to promote my best posts.


If you write great content and even just promote it slightly your blog will grow naturally, search engines will index the pages and you won’t lose your marbles!

2. KEY POINT: Have fun with it

This is essential and it’s one of the reasons why I always say you should ideally chose a niche or topic that you have a passion or healthy interest in.

You need to have fun with your blog, or else you’ll lose the motivation to keep it alive it very quickly. Whilst it is possible, if you pick a niche only to make money you’ll find it painful to write the content no matter what.

Some people say they’ll do anything it takes to make it work but at the slightest obstacle they throw in the towel.

Don’t let this be you!

While it’s good to give technical / instructional content… it’s generally very bland and boring to read. So think about ways to liven it up. I’ve written so much about including stories in your marketing and content.

Pay attention… this is a winning tactic that builds relationships and keeps readers engaged and more importantly buying!

3. Set milestones

What get’s measured gets done. That is why milestones are important.

They allow you to track the progress of your blog, and once you see things are getting better, you’ll get motivated to keep working on the blog. Examples of milestones you could set:

To reach 1,000 daily page views To reach 1,000 RSS subscribers To write a post that will receive 20 comments

It’s funny how much you can get achieved in a relatively short period of time if you set yourself a goal. Let me give you a current example:

Diane and I have recently set a goal to cruise around Cape Horn at the Southern tip of Chile, South America. So we sat down and built a list of things we also wanted to do whilst over there… Visit Peru, Chile, Falkland Islands, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil. Having set out the structure, we then added the detail and the list of things to do grew and grew.

Several travel agents told us it couldn’t be scheduled. Even specialist tour operators couldn’t arrange it, (seems they like an easy life), mainly because we wanted first or business class flights.

Not taking “No” for an answer, we split the tasks between us and set a goal to have it all booked by 1st September. On the evening of 2nd September 2012 we had everything booked just as we wanted it. We depart on January 20th 2103 for a fantastic five-week holiday in South America including a 14-night cruise around the Cape from Santiago in Chile to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

This demonstrates how by setting goals you build desire to get things done and also tells a personal story that keeps your reader engaged as I mentioned in point 2.

4. Monetize it

Like it or not, money is a very strong motivator… We need lots for our next cruise holiday because we travel first-class and use top hotels.

WARNING: Don’t expect to get rich overnight. It takes time and persistence but you will get there.

Remember: Once you get started and stick to your schedule it becomes a virtuous cycle. One where you write more and better content to make more money, and the more money you make the more motivated you become to write more and better content.

Finally, everyone can blog. It’s very easy to do and it should form an absolute cornerstone to your online marketing efforts.

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How To Quickly Jack Up Your Readership With Controversy

By Winston Takeda

Did you hear about that carrot farmer that figured out a way to get his vegetables half an inch longer? Neither did I. Did you hear about what that Olympic athlete tweeted that landed her in hot water? So did everybody else. See a pattern here? Of course you do. People are naturally drawn to controversy. That means if you want to get more people reading your articles, then write about controversial topics. This is the surest way to get your articles to go viral, get millions of clicks on your resource box links, and make tons of sales from your website. Of course, you’ve got to be careful. If you go to far, everybody will hate you and hack into your site and destroy everything. In this article, you’re going to learn exactly how to create the right kind of controversy.

One thing to be careful of are opinions that many other people don’t share. What you’re looking for is an opinion that sharply divides people, but one where there are roughly equal number of folks on both side. That way you’ll have at least half of the people in your corner rallying behind you. When choosing a topic to write about, think of your self as a bookie. You want an equal number of action on both sides of the equation. All you need is the juice, and you’re home free.

How do you choose these topics? Surf the forums that are related to your niche, and check out the threads with the most replies. These are generally the hotly contested items. Choose one side that you agree with, and then start to research it. Reading all of the replies on that particular forum is a great place to start.

When it comes time to express your opinion, do so in no uncertain terms. Don’t go so far as dissing anybody in particular who’s got a different opinion, but make it clear that you have no idea how anybody could think differently than you. For example, if you think organic traffic is better than paid traffic, make sure you make it absolutely clear that anybody would be completely nuts to pay a cent for any visitor to their website. That way, the organic traffic people will be fully in your corner, while the PPC crowd will be hot to argue with you.

Naturally, you’re going to create a lot of passion among people who agree with you. They’re going to be likely to click on your links. However, you’d be surprised how many will click on your link just to find out what you’re all about. If you’ve got a decent landing page that explains your product in terms that are respectful to both sides, then you’ll get a lot of conversions from both sides of the aisle.

When you careful choose your topics, and offer a strong opinion, you will get plenty of traffic. So long as you’ve got a halfway decent website with a halfway decent offer, you’ll make plenty of money.

To make the most of your efforts, you’ve got to have the best landing page possible. One of the hottest methods around is to have a video landing pages. These are widely known to convert truckloads of readers into customers.

Do You Procarastinate When Trying To Make Money Online? What Can You Do About It?

I suspect procrastination has killed as many Internet marketing dreams as just about anything else. Why start working to make money online today if you can put it off until tomorrow, right!

I remember reading once that if you wake up and do not feel like going to work take the day off. If you wake up everyday and do not feel like going to work get a new career.

This is so true for Internet marketers. Whether you get paid for surveys part time, or are building a large online business full time, you can not afford the consequences of procrastination.

You really cannot hide your Internet marketing success. You either make money, or you don’t.

So if procrastination is a problem for you what can you do about it? Here are a few things that have been helpful to me.

1. Get plenty of quality sleep. This is probably the number one thing that keeps me from sitting down and going to work.

If I’m tired I just don’t like working. Taking a nap in the afternoon is helpful as well.

2. Take a walk. Getting away from your computer and going outside to get some fresh air is very helpful. It’s also helpful in reinvigorating your body so you get a good nights sleep.

3. Join a mastermind group. This could be a group of one or more of Internet marketers who are all working toward the same goal.

It’s great to be able to contact people who are just like yourself and bounce ideas off of them. This is very motivating.

4. Set small goals. If you have a really big goal, and that’s all you’re working towards, its too easy to procrastinate accomplishing something every day.

Small goals are easier to hit. Plus they’re also easier to make yourself accountable when working towards them.

5. Get er done. I think this is a redneck phrase by Larry The Cable Guy. Nike says just do it.

Make a daily to-do list and mark things off as you finish them. This will help you accomplish a lot over the course of one week.

6. Avoid checking email all day. Set a couple times a day that you are going to check email and then stay away from your inbox. It’s easier to stay focused on what you need to get done if you’re not constantly checking your email.

7. Avoid social networking. I guess I’m lucky that I’ve never really gotten hooked on Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

I understand there can be a business benefit to them, but for the most part these are a waste of your valuable time. It’s also easy to trick yourself into thinking you are working when in fact you’re really just goofing off.

There’s a lot more that we can say in regards to overcoming procrastination. Identify some of the primary things that are causing you to procrastinate and deal with them.

Traffic Generation Questions: Why Can’t I Just Have One Great Source of Traffic?

By Jeff Herring

Q: Why can’t I just pick one great source of traffic, stick with that, and put all my efforts there?

A: That’s a great question because what you’re getting at is trying to get to ease of use and working smarter instead of harder, working less and getting more results.

The problem is in this age old saying:

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The reason why these age-old sayings stay around is there is some wisdom to them.

Here is how it works online. Let’s say you got all your traffic from Facebook. Not a bad source of traffic and certainly one you want to have in your arsenal of traffic. However, if all your traffic came from Facebook, and that was your only source of traffic, you’ve got a problem.

You don’t own Facebook. You don’t own your presence on Facebook. Your presence on Facebook is owned and therefore, controlled by Facebook.

So what happens if they charge part of their rules about traffic, and it doesn’t fit for you or doesn’t work for you. Or even worse, as happened to many, many people, what happens if for some reason, your Facebook account gets shut down, and there goes your one and only source of traffic?

An important business lesson

This is a business lesson I learned years ago when I was a marriage and family therapist in private practice and was building traffic sources. What we call in that business referral sources, where my referrals came from.

I had it made in terms of referrals once I started writing a weekly column for the local newspaper. From ’86 to ’94, I didn’t have the column, had multiple sources of referrals and traffic. Started writing that column, and it became a huge, enormous source of traffic and referrals and I loved it.

One of the best business decisions I ever made though was not to rely on that single source of referral or that single source of traffic because I did not control it. It was controlled by the newspapers. And in a sense, I served at their pleasure.

Although it was only supposed to be for six months to a year, it ended up — it still goes on now nationally and internationally, the local newspaper decided not to run it anymore after 10 years. So what would have happened if I had relied on that as my sole and only source of traffic, and then it dried up?

I would have been in big trouble professionally, but because I had and still maintained, even though I had this one great source of traffic, I still kept all my other sources of traffic working so that when that time came in ’04, and there was no longer that source of traffic, that it was okay. I still had all my other sources of traffic.

So yeah, use one, and maybe it might be your primary one, but always, always, have multiple sources of traffic because then you’re safe.

Another way to think of it is let’s say that you’re going to sit down and have a meal. Your table has one leg. How stable would that table be? Didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but it did. How stable would that table be?

I want to eat at a table with multiple legs and multiple supports. That way, if one gets taken away, that table still has an opportunity to stand. You want it to be the same way with your traffic.

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Small Business Online Marketing Trends For Expert Marketers

Have you lost hope on all your small business online marketing efforts? The many updates posted by Google have brought about many unwanted results and so frustration eats almost all local entrepreneurs. However, there are still crystal clear ways which can get your website and your venture back on track.

It is wise that you are updated of the happenings in the internet and your industry. Knowledge of these can get you prepared for what is to come. This is key if you want your brand to stay alive and immovable come the dawn of change.

The most common trend happening in the internet is the plague of videos. Every website online holds videos regardless of its nature. Rarely do you now see websites with very long text. Visitors are now bored with such a site. They opt for moving images and easier way to decode information. Creating videos is actually advantageous for your small business online marketing. This is in the sense that they provide quick communication to your market in a cost-effective way. By just pressing play, potential customers can listen to your message repeatedly. That saves your time and resources.

To ensure that you reach your target market 24/7, you can choose to do advertisement for mobile phones. They are the same with the common online advertisements which include the call-to-action phrase feature. If you have extra funds, you can also try sending text and voice messages to your target audience as well as your online marketing consultant. Although you can directly send them updates through this, not all recipients welcome this idea.

For a desirable local online marketing method, you can join the campaign of providing consumers helpful product or service reviews. In fact, this is how many big and small companies these days monitor how their products and services fair in the market. Providing good reviews can also help you project an image of authority in the niche where you belong.

Moving forward, here is a quite obvious method – joining the social media bandwagon. Besides Facebook and Twitter, there are other social websites that are gaining popularity these days. Be keen to observe the most talked about topics among your target audience. Should you find anything related to your product or service offer discounts or packages using your social media accounts.

Another trend which claims the curiosity of potential clients is cloud computation. In here, interested clients can freely compute how much money they ought to spend for the products or services you offer. This allows them to be prepared for the expenses awaiting them. On your part, it gives you opportunity to store and retrieve needed data easily.

If you want your small business online marketing to be strategic, make it easy for your clients to process payments. Besides accepting all credit card types, have a provision for other forms of payment that are in demand today. Two of them are Paypal and Google Wallet. These make life easy for you and your internet marketing clients.