The Meaning of the Word “Launch” – And Why You Need to Know it…


Have you heard people say, “I’m launching my new product on Monday,” or “We’re gearing up for a big launch“?

And have you wondered exactly what they mean by that?

Do they simply mean their product is becoming available on that day?  Or do they mean they are preparing a mailing and pay-per-click campaign?

Is a launch an actual thing?  Or is it just a catch-all term that means whatever you want it to mean?

The Launch, Defined

No, it is not just sending a mailing or popping some ads up on Facebook.  Far from it.

Launching a product (or a whole business) is a carefully designed, strategically planned, success tested process that works when you follow the specific steps.

There are specific preparatory phases that each have their own success secrets embedded in them.

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