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Discover The Secret Power of the Aweber eMail Service for Healing and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Use These Simple, Step-by-Step Videos to Get You Up and Running Instantly and to Rise to the Top of your Field on Automatic.  Set it and Forget it. Every Online Business Needs an Autoresponder. If You Are Interested in Aweber, Use This Course to Get Set Up Fast, Smart, Ready for Success …And Easy!

As a spiritual and healing entrepreneur myself, I have spent years translating all the marketing training I’ve had into something that works for me and the tone of my work.  I often have to de-sleeze the message, rework the method, and rewrite the scripts to create the professional and heart-centered feeling that I want to convey in my marketing.

And when it comes to using the tools, like autoresponders, I have had to streamline my routine using the most efficient and effective path through these systems to make them work for me as a solo practitioner offering a variety of products and services.

And the really odd thing is that, not only do I do all this myself, but I love doing it.  It’s actually  fun for me.  And I’ve been honing my craft for many years.  In this course I not only show you how to navigate your way through Aweber, but I share my secrets, tips, tricks, and lots of goodies I have discovered over the years of working with Aweber.

Do It Right the First Time

Your autoresponder is THE most important aspect of your online business.  It is even more important than your website. So you don’t want to guess here.  You definitely want to get this right, right from the get go.  And that is why I made this course specifically for you, my fellow energy-conscious, spiritually awake, service-oriented marketer.

Tech-Phobic? No Problem!

I am the oddball Aquarius who loves the technology in my group of tech-phobic friends. And so I have plenty of experience explaining things in a way that melts the anxiety and makes it all very easy and accessible – and dare I say it – even fun!

You Don’t Have a Business Yet?

This is the perfect place to start.  This is exactly how you will build your business.

Still Not Sure Why You Need This or What it’s All About?

Having an autoresponder is like having a staff who works for you tirelessly, 24/7 building your business, and letting you focus on the work you love.  Knowing how to use it to your maximum advantage is your key to success online.


You can get this entire course for free when you sign up for Aweber through this link:
When you take the life changing step of becoming an online entrepreneur, you want top notch tools that you can rely on.

In my experience, Aweber has deliverability you can count on. That’s why it’s one of the top email marketing services.

How To Get Your 2 Month Aweber Free Trial:

1) Send an email to getyourmessageoutthere(at)gmail.com
2) Subject line: “Plz Send Aweber 2 Month Code”

Then when you sign up for real, you can get this course as my gift to you.  Here’s how:

How To Get This Video Training FREE:

1) CLICK HERE or use the link above to sign up for Aweber
2) Send an email to getyourmessageoutthere(at)gmail.com
2) Subject line: “Plz Send Aweber Video Bonus Code”
3) Include Aweber Payment Receipt Number

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We are devoted to your success.

Why This Course?

It boils down to time and money.
In this Aweber training you will become an expert at everything you need to know to get your business up and running with Aweber.  And if you follow along with me, and do everything step by step as I hold your hand through the training, by the time you’re done, you will have (or know how to create):

  1. A list for prospects
  2. A list for clients/customers
  3. an optin form ready to go on your website
  4. An autoresponder series
  5. A newsletter
  6. An understanding of how this all fits together
  7. A level of comfort with the interface so that you feel in command
  8. An understanding of why to choose certain options over others for the success of your business

You will know, not only how to do these things, but insider secrets on why to do them in certain ways for success.

When you first sign up and you enter the site, you will be faced with many different functions and features.   Don’t waste your time stumbling through without a plan.  This course leads you through the jungle of “autoresponder-land” with a seasoned guide (me!) and you will be up and running in no time.

What to Do Now?

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