Recommended Autoresponders



aweberIf you do not already use an autoresponder service, this section is for you.

Why your autoresponder is the first step to success:

  1. There is an old saying: “The money is in the list.”  Your autoresponder is the home of your list.  It is arguably even more important than your website. It should be the first focus of your marketing.

  2. Your autoresponder is not just about sending an email or two.  It is like having an automated staff working round the clock for a tiny monthly fee. Many people think they can begin building a list using their personal email service.  This does not work for many reasons.  Here are just a couple:

    1. Email services, like aol, will lock your account if you send too many people the same email.

    2. You cannot set up a series of automated emails with a service like aol – These automated series’ are essential for building relationships

  3. All your effort is wasted unless your emails land in the hands of  your subscribers.  Many people think they can set up an autoresponder from their own computer.  This drastically reduces deliverability.  Don’t do it.  Use a reliable service.  The emails get through.

  4. A good autoresponder is about as close as you can get to doing magic tricks with your marketing.  Many people think all autoresponder services are alike.  They are not.  The reason most seasoned Internet marketers use the same couple of services is because they work.    And the crucial features (that you might not have a clue about right now) will be there when you need them.

  5. Once you start building a list, it is not so easy to switch to another service.  You generally lose a good number of subscribers.  Look at the two recommended companies on this page and choose carefully between them.  Then start building your list with clarity and confidence.  These two services are currently used by some of the most successful Internet marketers today: