We used to Walk to the Mailbox

Writing a letter was an art form, and hiking to the mailbox a ritual.

Now, we no longer capitalize or punctuate.  Typos are expected and even the occasional embarrassing autocorrect is forgiven.

Texts, emails, they are the slang of the written message and they can get pretty sloppy.  And that’s ok.  We like it like that.  We like not having to be so careful with our communication.

And then, then are the emails we send to our subscribers.

I’m talking about the autoresponders, broadcasts, and newsletters you send through your autoresponder account. Those need intention and crafting.  They need care and planning.  And most of all they need a purpose because everyone is simply too busy to wade through the muck and mire of their inbox and read every single word blob that awaits them.

Yours needs to stand out, be clear, be pertinent to their lives, and contribute.

Let’s make a commitment to writing emails to our lists that bring a smile or an insight or a chuckle, and certainly a click.

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