The Meaning of the Word “Launch” – And Why You Need to Know it…


Have you heard people say, “I’m launching my new product on Monday,” or “We’re gearing up for a big launch“?

And have you wondered exactly what they mean by that?

Do they simply mean their product is becoming available on that day?  Or do they mean they are preparing a mailing and pay-per-click campaign?

Is a launch an actual thing?  Or is it just a catch-all term that means whatever you want it to mean?

The Launch, Defined

No, it is not just sending a mailing or popping some ads up on Facebook.  Far from it.

Launching a product (or a whole business) is a carefully designed, strategically planned, success tested process that works when you follow the specific steps.

There are specific preparatory phases that each have their own success secrets embedded in them.

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Is Your Web Presence Working for You?

You can’t jump across the Hudson River.

You need a boat.

And you can’t jump from being intimidated by the computer to being success online.

You need a boat.

The Online Boat

There is a step-by-step (or paddle-by-paddle)  process that can take you from being completely tech-phobic to creating your powerful online empire.  It’s all made of baby steps and before you know it, you are building your mailing list, getting clients, making sales, and reaching the masses.

Get Your Structure in Place. Then Everything is Much Easier

If you were building a house, you would not install the light fixtures before you built the frame.  And yet so many people try to make it online before they have their basic structure in place.

It’s not that hard to do.  Yo just have to know how.


  1. The highest priority, and the very first step, is about getting your structure in place for building your list.
  2. Step 2 is all about creating a website that you have control over.  A site that you never need to call someone else about.
  3. How are you going to communicate? How will people get to know you?  Getting that structure set up is step 3.

Find out Steps 4 & 5 here And if you get there in time, you can get the whole program as my gift to you.  Happy Marketing!

We used to Walk to the Mailbox

Writing a letter was an art form, and hiking to the mailbox a ritual.

Now, we no longer capitalize or punctuate.  Typos are expected and even the occasional embarrassing autocorrect is forgiven.

Texts, emails, they are the slang of the written message and they can get pretty sloppy.  And that’s ok.  We like it like that.  We like not having to be so careful with our communication.

And then, then are the emails we send to our subscribers.

I’m talking about the autoresponders, broadcasts, and newsletters you send through your autoresponder account. Those need intention and crafting.  They need care and planning.  And most of all they need a purpose because everyone is simply too busy to wade through the muck and mire of their inbox and read every single word blob that awaits them.

Yours needs to stand out, be clear, be pertinent to their lives, and contribute.

Let’s make a commitment to writing emails to our lists that bring a smile or an insight or a chuckle, and certainly a click.

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Talk to Your People, People


Well, let’s put it this way: There’s nothing wrong with using free conference lines for your teleseminar. I mean, the most important thing is that you get on the line and talk to people. Pick up the phone and share, teach, sell, preach, do whatever you do. Let them hear your voice, feel that you are a real human being, and sense your good nature and trustworthiness.

But here in this post, I want to go a little further with some more powerful strategies.

What’s Worse Than…

What’s worse than scheduling an event and no one showing up?

One person showing up!

Ooooh.  That’s rough.  It can really get you down when attendance is low.  I know.  But there is one simple tweak that can really increase attendance.

The Tweak That Builds Attendance

People are much more likely to show up for your event if all they have to do is click a button.  Yes, in this rapidly evolving, low-attention-span culture, dialing a phone is just too much to ask sometimes.

But the common alternative to a teleseminar is the webinar. And while it’s only a click for your participants, it’s quite a bit of work for you.

Goldilocks tried to Give a Webinar

It was simply too much work for her.  “It’s too hard!” she said.  It was okay for special occasions, but not as standard fare.  Just like Goldilocks, you too might have wanted to connect with your people.  Teach them a part of what you do so that they certainly want more and they become your customers and clients.  But webinars can take a lot of preparation. 🙁

Webcasting is “Just Right”

That’s where webcasting comes in.

  • You can talk into your phone or the computer
  • Your participants can listen on the phone or computer (or any other device)
  • You can use slides if you like, but you don’t have too.
  • You have lots of ways to personalize the experience for your people and it’s easy.

You can go the easy route or the hard route but here are 3 things to consider:

  • Is your audience international? (It should be!)
    • When you invite the people on your list to join in on a call, you need an option without long distance charges.  This is one of the great benefits of webcasting which lets your audience stream the audio.  All they need is an internet connection.  Then your free call is really free.
  • Do you want a lot of participation?  
    • If so, you’ll probably prefer to have participants on the phone line.  This way you can talk in real time.  But if you’ve got people who opt for the webcast, be sure to include a space where they can enter their comments and questions so that you can include them in the conversation.
  • Is your event free or paid?
    • If it’s free, be sure to put it behind an optin page.  In other words, even though the event is free, “charge” an email address for admission.  This way you can send reminders so people remember to show up. And of course you always want to be list building anyway.
    • If it’s a paid event, make it password protected and after payment all you need to give people is the link and the password. (And of course, get their email addresses too!)

You can get started for $1.  Here’s the plan:

Give a webcast once a week for the 3 weeks of your $1 trial period.

Keep track of:

  1. How many people join by phone vs. webcast
  2. How many people come during the day vs. evening in your time zone.
  3. How many people get added to your list.

It’s an invaluable tool that you kind of start to take for granted once you use it for a while.  But you never want to be without it because building relationships is what makes all the difference in your launches and business in general.


Don’t Make a Video Without This…

It’s your video that grabs their attention.  True.  But just having a video is not enough.  Your video has to hold their attention or they’re gone.  Your video has to keep moving to keep their eyeballs glued to your message.

And we all know that animating words and images takes time and skill or it takes a whole lot of money.

Well not anymore.

I mean it.  Don’t sit down to make your next video until you check out this indispensable tool.

  • It’s fast.
  • It’s easy
  • The cost is low.
  • The value is high
  • You will thank yourself!

I know you’re going to thank yourself for getting this one when you’re pumping out videos fast and easy. Enjoy!


Building Your List Starts Here

landingpagesThey say, “The money’s in the list.”  Do something every day to build your list.  That’s the foundation of your success.  You need one absolutely irresistible page to send people to.

And it is way more simple, fast, and successful than you ever thought.

Make your optin pages here.

Why will these pages look familiar to you?  Because the most successful internet marketers use these pages.

Why do the most successful internet marketers use these pages? Because they work.

Now you can use these same pages and get the same results.


Show Up

We tend to get so tethered to our electronic devices that we forget we have a body, a face, a voice, a physical presence.

When you are looking for ways to get your message out there, think about unhooking from your mouse, putting your phone on airplane mode, and getting out and shaking someone’s hand.

There are groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or civic associations that offer opportunities to do exactly what you are staring at your computer trying to figure out how to do!

Load up with your business cards (remember those?). Spark up a conversation, and be ready to sing out your elevator speech. But don’t lecture. Imagine a ping pong volley. Keep the interest bouncing form the other to you and back to the other again. The same enjoyment of a good volley can be had in conversation and will leave the other with a good association about you.

So the message for today is simply to show up. Let yourself be seen, heard, and awaken in others a curiosity about what you have to offer. Follow that up with phone call to reconnect. Get your message out there!

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